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Motor Mount Thread Broke??

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While replacing the motor mount (located on passenger side, not the trans mount on driver side) on my 2011 Sport something broke on the front left most bolt where it threads in. Im assuming it's the nut because it moves with the bolt now and will not tighten.

Does anyone know if where the bolts thread into are welded into place on the body or frame? 

Is this repairable if I cut the bolt off and had someone weld a new one into place?

Are they accessible to do this?

Has this happened to anyone else?

Do you think its safe to drive with the back, and front one in? 

(the picture is before I installed the bolt, its stuck in there right now)

Looking for any knowledge or advice you can provide.


Thank you in advance




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Believe the Nut is welded inside that unibody frame member;

& near impossible to get at to reweld.  That's a tough one.

May be able to cut the bolt & install a new bolt with a butterfly nut; not ideal but better than nothing.

This bolt doesn't support any vertical weight, so make sure other 2 bolts are tight+torqued to spec;

then your ok to drive it; just don't be too heavy on accelerating & twisting that mount.


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JB Weld might hold it in. You mention you got a screw in there, so assuming still a hole not a broken bottom piece of the bolt. Maybe just thread it, and locktite a stronger bolt? You should definitely consult with a mechanic or custom car fabricator before making problem possibly worse.

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The weld was broken on the body.

I was able to remove the wheel well cover and get it.

I cut off the existing half threaded bolt and the broken round nut.


Replaced with an oem bolt and put on a nut with some locktite.

I should be good to go.


If it was either of the other 2 I think I would have been screwed, no way to access them that I seen.

I even replaced the horn since it was right there and only the high sound was working and sounding like a roadunner for some time now.


Thanks everyone for the input


Just hit 200,265 miles this weekend...hope to still keep going

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