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Radiator fan not engaging

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I have a2014 ford edge 3.5 with towing 

That I can't seem to figure out why the fans won't turn on. I have never owned one and on cold start it runs fine for like 45 min at idle and drive then all of a sudden the temp gauge just rapid climbs up and I have to turn it off. It's about 50 degrees here and I'm just wondering how long does it normally take for the fans to kick on and what goes into the fans operation thanks 

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Does anyone know how to check the cooling fans to see if they are ok?  I have the same problem and have already changed the coolng fan module.  There is NO fan relay, only the control module.  

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16 minutes ago, steptoe350 said:

I don't know but it was purchased from Rock Auto.  Just ordered new fans from Rock Auto also.  

If you do a search using this forum's URL in Google, you'll find that every 3rd party non-OEM brand does not work.

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