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Update on Steeda CAI and Gibson mods

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Well I would just like to update on the performance and MPG's after having the CAI and Gibson installed for a few weeks.


Scenario: 220 mile round trip on highway.


1) MPG turned out to be 16.8, that's with driving a constant 80-90 MPH


2) Poor passing performance.


3) No low end torque either, you really need to stomp on the pedal


4) When at 60-65 does well to get up to 80-90 more power at higher speeds/RPM


5) Exhaust sounds good at those speeds, just a nice rumbling sound and it can be drown out by the stereo.


All in all it would appear that this type of MOD would benefit from the tuner upgrade. Just my thoughts.


BTW: has anyone experienced a slight wind noise from the BAMR at highway speeds?

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that seems odd i went to palm springs from nor cal last year with stock setup except for drop in k& N filter. It was 450 miles one way we averaged close to 90 the whole way including going over the grapevine. Both ways we averaged 20.2 mpg with 4 guys 4 golf bags and 4 suitcases and a cooler filled with bevarages. so needless to say we were loaded down to the hilt. I used the cruise the whole time except for the stupid LA traffic.

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Yea, I don't know what it is. If itis the combo or each component separately. The airbox is easy enough to change out, but the exhaust would be a pain to change back and I really don't want to since it sounds good.


I will probably purchase the tuner from Steeda with my next patcheck.

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Yep, The CAI doesn't seem to do much good. Even the guys at EvolutionPerformance suggested to just get the K&N drop-in for the SCT tuner I ordered through them. I also have the Magnaflow cat back on it's way. I'll report any findings on this site when everything gets installed :happy feet:

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Well I removed the Steeda CAI and put back in the stock air box. What a difference. As soon as I pressed the accelerator you could tell the better throttle response. In my opinion the Steeda is deffinately going to need the tuner.


Anyone want to purchase the CAI? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

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Anytime you change something in the airflow, you need a good tune to compensate. If you leave the insert in, you really won't see much of a change because your MAF size is unchanged. There is a bit more airflow, but without the computer being updated, the car doesn't know how to compensate and that's why you're seeing worse performance.


If you remove the insert, you must have a tune, as you are changing the size of the MAF. With a good tune, you'd see a big increase in performance, throttle response, and fuel efficiency.

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I just logged in. It has been a good year at least. I have been on the F150 forum with my new truck.


A year ago Last Jan. I bought my 2008 ford Edge AWD limited

I added the Bullet exhaust sustem

I also added the K&N insert but I removed the baffle on the side.

Then I added the Evolution performance SCT x3 with custom tunes.


I have 30.000 miles on my Ford EDGE with this setup. when I go to the dealer I put the tune back to stock.


the car has much more power with my mods. when I first instlled the Exhaust, K&N, and SCT I took my car on the freeway It ran so strong 120 mph and it was still pulling strong.

Other Edge owners that hear my car say it sounds good. Kinda like that of the Nissan 350 Z. It isn't extreemely loud like a honda civic. it is ral nice.

the mufflers and resonators were removed and only the one muffler was installed see pics



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About how much extra horsepower with all the mods? I like the look of the exhaust system, is that a custom setup, or a complete catback system? I'm asking because that's my next mod. If thats a complete system who makes it, and is real expensive?


On my car I went to Express performance http://www.expressperformancecenter.com/xp...s_0108-001.html

they bent and welded up a cat back system. the muffler is a stainess steel bullet. At first they also had the resonator up in the front under the rear set area. It may be visable in pic.

I thought it was too quiet! So I went back and they took it out. Now the sound was perfect. That is how I have it today. 30,000 miles later it still sounds good.

I spent 500.00 on the system. Since 1993 these guy's have done the exhaust on all my cars and trucks. Volvo's Gmc, Ford's etc.

the Bullet Stainless muffler has a life time wty.


here is a pic of my 2008 Ford F150 4x4 they put a System on in Jan of this year. It is a lot louder than my Edge System. The truck sounds Strong.


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