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I've been poking around here recently and thought I would introduce myself. Wifey and I just picked up a leftover 08 Copper Edge with the Gunmetal 18's. We traded an 04 Saab convertible in for it. Funny story is a couple days after we traded the Saab in it apparently blew a hydralic line in the top on a test drive and sprayed the customer and the interior with fluid. I guess we got rid of that at exactly the right time :happy feet:


So far I'm extremely happy with the Edge, great ride, good power, very comfortable and the Sync system is hands down awesome! We had a minor issue with the brakes (which are sadly too weak for this size vehicle) but Ford fixed it up right away. I love the way the rear seats recline and it's got tons of room, heck I had 20 bags of mulch inside and a 1/2 dozen plants with room to spare. We even got the dealer to throw in the all weather mats and I purchased the rear cargo mat (that is a must have). Got a smoking deal on it with A Plan plus $5k in rebates and $1k in Ford financing.


Question: anyone experience that annoying distorted audio with anything over about 1/3 volume? And for some reason today my Wife called me and said that she heard a click and the Audio just started only playing out of the right speakers, then came back to all speakers... Guess it's a trip back to the dealer...


Looking forward to putting some more miles on it and maybe throwing a few more mods on it. I think some lowering springs are in order and the little rubber peice that goes over the rear bumper cover so you don't scratch it when you put stuff in the back. Anyone here lower there Edge? How do you like it? Pictures? I'll do the searching as well and go thru but if you pop in and say Hi post some pics!


Here is our Edge and My car (09 CC)


The Edge



The CC


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Blazing copper is where its at ! I always wondered what the gunmetal 18"s would look like on the copper........They look sweet! Congrats on the purchase and getting rid of the "snaab" ;)



:plusone: i like it better than the chromed wheeled ones. i wanted to do the copper color but was afraid after a couple years i would get sick of it, but they still look good after all this time. (we had a amber fire (orangeish) dodge truck and after seeing them on the road they don't look so hot)

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