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Door Lock Pins

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maybe... when you pull off the door, you will see that our lock pins are a long metal rod that mounts to the actuator with a plastic cap piece. you can see a photo of it here in my gallery. the door panels are way easy to take off, you could take one off and see if you can unscrew the top black plastic piece.. or just clamp onto the top black plastic piece and see if it screw loose and then take measurements.


I would be curious what you come up with, I like little touches like this myself.


if you do not have the auto climate control but have the manual, you might like these knobs as well

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update: yes, you can unscrew the top black plastic cap.. does not mean thread pitch is the same, but if I were a betting man, I would say they would work now that we know we can unscrew ours as I would think if the posting lists "Ford" it is likely a universal thread pitch. my other possible concern would be diameter and just hoping these are not much thicker than what we have. might have to ask the seller if they know the length and width just to compare with what it there.

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