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Finally picked up my Edge

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post-693-1177801117_thumb.jpgPicked up my Edge SEL PLUS, Blazing Copper, last night. SWEET! There isn't a better car in the Ford lineup. Great acceleration, handling is excellent. I kept telling my wife on the 70 mile trip home, "we are going 75MPH!" "We took that hair pin curve at 60MPH!" ETC. Her response was always "NO WAY!" It is quiet roomy and the heated leather is very luxurious. The only complaint I have so far is the electric seat folding mechanism in the back is super loud. Plus it only folds the seats down, not back up. Other than that it is an awesome car.
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Robert, I had a Mazda Tribute (same as the Escape) prior to the Edge. It's lift gate, which also had the option to just open the window portion, was way easier to lift. I think part of the problem is there is no real place to grasp. There is no real hand hold....just the button and the ledge.

I don't get all the hype about the lift gate! It isn't hard to lift at all. Do you guys want it to magically open on it's own? Some effort is required but not THAT much. I honestly don't know what the big deal is and I sincerely hope that people who are considering buying the Edge don't read these forums and take some of your posts as fact.


My first time opening the lift gate I said, "WOW, I REALLY DON"T KNOW WHAT PEOPLE WERE COMPLAINING ABOUT." And then my wife opened it and agreed.

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I can assure you I am hardly a whiner. Just comparing it to my last vehicle. It is just about the only thing I mention as a con on this crossover....I love mine more than any other vehicle I have owned.:redcard:


Im just having a little fun - hope no one takes offence..

Im still waiting for my edge... this week should be the week....


FYI - the dogs are sweet.. nice work you do...

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