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2010 Ford Edge w/ Nav Amp Short

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While driving back from a business trip I had NAV running/ Sirius Radio Going, and Blackberry Bluetooth connected. Upon receiving a call from Blackberry on screen of the Nav answered call and

all speakers started to buzz, especially the Subwoofer. Cancelled call. Turned off Radio. Turned Radio back on and same buzzing sound from subwoofer then it stopped. Along with all the base

in the Edges Sound system.


I checked and pull all the fuses for the Subwoofer and radio. All check ok. Press buttons 3 and 6 on radio go into radio speaker test and all speakers make a sound except subwoofer. Double check

Subwoofer fuses. All OK.


Everything else works fine, Sirius / Nav / Cell phone except not receiving incoming calls ID now. Run full diagnositics on NAV radio, No DTC errors.

By the way thanks to forum, I was able to pull full diagnostic tests from this forum.


So off to the dealership. Vehicle 9 months old 13K. By the Way Ford Dealerships use 3rd party Radio company's to diagnose radios. At least in Austin Texas.


I get a call back from dealership the AMP is bad. Also found bad wiring in harness. I get the car back and the sound system sounds like a tiny speaker box.

Found cut wiring bits in console. And backseat plastic grommet (lock mechanism) plastic housing missing.


After 1 1/2 weeks new AMP in from OEM (Not Ford but Sony I believe). I will take the car in monday to be fixed hopefully. I paid extra for the premium system upgrade upon order for this vehicle w/ NAV

2200.00 Nav upgrade with premium Sound. Heads up Ford Edge SEL, you do not get the tweeters in the pillars with premium sound. Only a speaker at each door and a subwoofer.


PS> I checked mysync version. I could never get the vehicle health report to work. I reloaded firmware on USB from MySync and now the vehicle health report works.


Also after investigation I have Rev 2 of the navigation firmware. Rev 3 was out from Navteq since July 2009. Car delivered 12/2009. I am not paying 199.00 for upgrade.


Also with the NAV you don't get free Travel Link. You have to purchase a separate plan from Sirrus both for the Radio(which I have) 2 different services.


Has anyone had a subwoofer or AMP fail on a new Edge?


I've never had it over 3/4 volume. I hate to say this but my old Jeep Grand Cherokee had a better Radio system (Infinity) than the Ford.




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New Ford Amp arrived, took it to original dealer.


Ford uses (3rd party Radio repair) Paperwork showed H&H Radio repair. No charge since under warranty.


Amp replaced and now I have my sound back, with good base.


Can anyone explain DSP (I assume this is Digital Signal Processing) choices are all speakers, front speakers and rear speakers.


After Amp replaced the SEL sound better with Front Speaker choice on DSP on Nav radio.



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Also after investigation I have Rev 2 of the navigation firmware. Rev 3 was out from Navteq since July 2009. Car delivered 12/2009. I am not paying 199.00 for upgrade.



Chuck, the Rev 3 contains data frozen by Navteq in July 2009, it does not mean that the software was released in July 2009. It takes a long time to verify the data and compile it into the proper formatting, thus the actual release of the Rev 3 was the spring of 2010.

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Hello Chuck..

I have a the 09 Edge with 6CD (non Nav) and boaught the Nav head unit.. after instalation, i got the exact sound issue you had before (as a tiny music box); i was wondering which Amp was deffective? the front Amp (behind the head unit) or the rear one?


thanks in advance.

Wael Mirkhan.

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