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2011 Edge vs. Lexus 450h

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I just spent a month trying to find the right crossover for me. This reminded me why I hate buying a car...it is a HUGE time sink (and my time is precious these days). The biggest take away I had was there is no crossover that had exactly what I wanted, which would have been something like a Honda Crosstour sedan-style crossover with better looking grill, hybrid engine, a high-end luxurious interior and MyFordTouch!


But that said, my decision ended up with a 2011 Edge LTD after whittling down the field to about 5 cars....and it beat out the 2010 Lexus 450h (without considering the cost/value difference either). Here is why:



[*] Sales person was an arrogant snob

[*] Ford Sales person was awesome, knew her stuff, and knew how to deal with people in a laid back and patient fashion.

[*] Lexus Dealership was SO over the top in what it cost to outfit the place, it makes you know a huge chunk of the price covers the marble tile showroom and marble bath room.

[*] The 450h did not get THAT much better gas mileage than other cars, especially the Edge on the highway.

[*] Interior was luxurious, but the console and instrument panel was still outdated old-tech feeling.

[*] The Edge LTD interior only felt a hair less luxurious IMHO and the MyFordTouch was bleeding edge console tech (I still cannot believe Ford has leapfrogged everyone on console technology).

[*] My test drive buddy (and Lexus owner) and I agreed that the Lexus was noisier on the highway (more wind noise) than the Edge.

[*] Handling felt tighter with the Ford on quick swerves and maneuvers.

[*] Acceleration felt stronger.

[*] Dumb as this is, I could not believe the Lexus did NOT have the flip down sunglass holder by the rearview (no sunglass holder anyway). I just love that feature that is stock on almost every car you drive.

[*] Ford = Did not take bail out money and Toyota/Lexus = rumor has it Japanese government helped them out. I want to put my money in the pocket of American company not owned by the tax payers.

[*] Toyota/Lexus did not handle the stupid acceleration issue well (nor did Apple with the iPhone Death Grip but that is another thread for another forum)



Anyway, just thought I would share this as I did not see a Lexus comparison thread and the decked-out Edge LTD or Sport starts getting CLOSE to the starting price of a Lexus so I thought this may be helpful to someone.


Now if my Edge would just show up at the dealer! It seems lost in transit as I patiently wait......

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We looked at the Lexus and Edge as well. The Lexus didn't really do it for me as far as exterior styling...Edge seems more agressive in styling, the Lexus had a nice interior, but the Edge's was almost as nice and the electronics blow away the Lexus. I would also suspect that a comparably loaded Lexus (I have the '11 LTD) would be at least $10K more?

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