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My new Edge :)


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My name is Marc and i'm from Gaspesie (Quebec)

this is my "winter car" :)


Yes, we have snow lolll


I took these pic during a test drive ... i bought the car the next day !


Sorry, my english is not very good






and my "summer car" (you understand why i don't need vista roof loll )



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Welcome to the forum; how does your Edge handle the Snow?


i wish you will understand my because my english is not very good lolll


the handle is simply great. i used 4 seasons tires (original) from february until now and


in a very deep snow (is it the good terms?!?!?) the awd do an excellent job. none of the 4 tires are spinning, the awd reaction is very fast.


i wake up very soon and to go working, the road is often full of snow and very slippy (?!?) ...that's why i choose a edge with awd system


i hope you understand me lolll

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Some pics to share with you ...



Last week, i took a ride in "Le parc de la gaspésie" (road 299, if you check with google map).

If you come here, in gaspesie, this is the type of scene you will have... :)

Enjoy ... so sorry, i took the ride in mustang ! lolll














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Awesome photos :rockon: My wife is from Canada and spent a lot of time in Quebec. . .her French speaking skills are not good though :finger:


We're planning on going to Quebec City soon and then Newfoundland later :hyper: Actually, we're going biking in downtown Windsor on Thursday (much safer than Detroit). ;)

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