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Automatic Headlights

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Here is the set up:

Bought a 2007 Ford Edge SE, farily basic model. During the test drive and walk around, I didn't bother to check the lights (yeah, yeah, yeah.. stupid but I was distracted). Well, signed the papers and drove home. All happy with my new (too me at least) Edge. So, the next day, I go for a drive and while fiddling with things realize there is no automated headlight switch.. just on old fashion, Off, Parkling Light, and head lamp position dial. My first reacation is this can't be so... do they even make cars without this option. I know I haven't driven anything without the autoswitch in the past 7-8 years.


Well, of course the dealer is of no help at this point other then to say.. oh, I guess that is an option for that model year. So, I begin my quest to find some options on line.


I have only found two mail topics on this: How to turn on the DRL feature by repramming the vehicle (yes, I am going to get that done also), and then one aftermarket solution from Directed Electronics (545T Nite-Lite).


I have installed basic remote starter systems on older vehicles in the past and they have still managed to be operational when I was done, but I am not really sure if I want to tackle this job with my Edge.


Alternatively, I have thought about ordering the oem, headlight switch, wiring harness and photo sensor that the vehicle shoudl have come with already (in my opinion). I have found the Ford part numbers for the switch and the harness, can't seem to find the sensor.


So... here is the question(s)

1) Does anyone have any REAL experience with the 545T Nite-lite on a Ford Edge??

2) Would my idea of using the OEM parts work or am I missing something major? If I am missing something in this, ideas are welcome. I would not do this myself, but would like to know what I should need before heading into the dealership blind.

3) Any estimates on the amount of time to install options 1 or 2 above

4) Any other ideas?



Thanks a ton! Looking forward to owning my Edge for years to come, but want to resolve this 'issue' before I come to resent that it is missing a feature that I feel should be standard.


Much apprecaited.

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I don't think the programming is there in the Smart Junction Box even if you got the hardware hooked up (I assume it's the SJB that controls it since it controls the lights). It's possible it will work without it or you might be able to get a dealer to reprogram it.


You might be better off with an aftermarket kit that is 100% self contained and doesn't interface with the SJB.

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I installed a "Geniune Ford Accessory" autolamp system on my 2002 Focus. It doesn't have the full functionality of a factory system (you can never turn the lamps off when it's dark) but it works well.


Installing the factory parts is a lottery. The SJB will need to be reconfigured as it sends input to the headlamps over the CAN network. Autolamps also uses input from the windshield wiper controller, not sure if your car will have that. When you said "harness" what did you mean? You will need the wires that go to the light sensor obviously, but you'll also need the extra wire that goes from the SJB to the headlamp switch, it's likely not there on your car. But at least you won't need to change the headlights!!

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