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My Edge Got Broken Into

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Oh Joy. My brand new 2011 Edge got broken into, I have barely had it a month.


There was nothing valuable inside, in fact, the most valuable thing inside was a small stuffed monkey toy. Nothing was visible. Trunk empty. I mean we were keeping car completely spotless and spartan, so not sure why it was targetted other than it was new, but there are several new cars on our block.


They tried to break the driver window several times with no dice before busting in the rear window, so now we have to replace both of them.


It's too dark to really tell the extent of any other damage but the plastic window trim is definitely damaged and there were a few scratches on the door panel inside... I don't even know if it's worth fixing for any reason other than my pride over having a brand new car that I was babying get damaged so early.


I'm so angry right now, I really wish I could have caught them in the act.


Either way, I think it's time to move. Our previous car got broken into several times, but one we had left the GPS in and the second time my wife had left the GPS mount in the car even though we took to taking the actual unit out.


I don't even know what to do, trying to get a police report and it's been an hour and a half and they still haven't showed up, which is making this night even better.


The worst part is that I came home at 7 and moved it to the other side of the street due to alternate parking rules. My wife walked by it around 7:30 and it was fine. We go out at 8:45pm to go somewhere and the car is trashed. It's not even like they waited till the dead of night.


Just venting at this point, my deductible for comprehensive is 500 bucks so I'll pretty much be paying for it all out of pocket. I just reduced it to $50, the difference is so minuscule I wonder why I left it at $500 to begin with. Stupid me. That certainly didn't make me feel any better.


I'd post pictures of the damage but it's too dark to see anything anyway, maybe tomorrow.

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Very sorry to hear this man... that just plain sucks. I just got an 2011 last week and like you, I'm trying my best to keep it as nice as possible. The only words of encouragement I can offer is that it will hopefully be as good as new relatively soon. Try to get that interior cleaned and vaccumed really good so no damage is done inside.


Good luck!

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