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White Sport with Tint and Tinted headlights

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Looks awesome.


I am picking up my white sport on saturday.


I am in NY also, looking to get my front windows tinted too. WHere did you get your tints done?


and also with the blacked out headlight do you nottice any less light at night?

I live an hour upstate of Manhattan in Orange County, I used autoLovers. The back is the stock tint, I just had Matt match the front to it, it looks to be prob 15% if I had to guess. The headlights barely lost any light, I only had him do one at first to see the comparison in the dark, but its wasn't noticable at all really. I'm probably going to throw HIDS in there anyway, so that will make up for it 10x over. I HATE NY with our stupid front license plates and now these ugly yellow ones.. looks horrrrrible. !!

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looks good. I hope your window tint is legal, the rears are pretty dark

I only did the front, the rears are the factory tint. in NY we can tint the rear windows and back windows 5% if we want, its just the front cant be tinted at all now. They used to allow 35%, but that's illegal too now. Hoping I don't get harrassed.... but we shall see!

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I am on Long Island.


I agree the yellow plates are horrible.


I have had 3 cars with front windows tinted dark. In 10 years I have only gotten pulled over once for the tinted windows. Usually they won't bother you. But if your speeding or you do something else they will also throw in a ticket for the tinted windows.

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Nice car! I'm in nyc too, and I hate the tint law. My last truck I matched the rear windows and than went darken in the rear. I did get a ticket for the front, but the cop told me i can have the rear windows as dark as I want. I hate the yellow plates too. I still have my white plates, I hate paterson, he was just trying to make money. If any one in the nyc area need a tint guy, JT tint is really good, check out his site and see some of his work, http://www.jttint.com/

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