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Wife traded her Escape..long story short..she thought she had purchased a brand new V6 escape a year ago..then complained on the power or lack of it..when I got home from an assignment abroad I checked under the hood and it was an I4...seems that the dealership had "upgraded " her to leather and a 4. From that moment on she was unhappy with the car..well, we were at another dealer and she saw the Edge..so after negotiating a great deal with these new people she bought a Charcoal SE. Loads of room for the kids, easy drop seats, and this weekend it seems there was enough cargo space for a 7 piece patio set.. so she is very happy, thank you Ford for making my life better! issues..: Reflections in screen (common prob I notice), no sill protectors..needed for a 6 yr old to get in and out without messing up the paint, and not too great mpg. Ours already has 1000 miles after one week and has already had it's first oil and filter change at 50 miles.

Not my kind of car, but perfect for her. I'll stick with my 30 year old MGB!

Cheers to all new Edgy owners.


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We bought some aftermarket door sill protection for the same reason. It fits in with the color scheme of the rest of the car, so looks like it was meant to be there ;) Its just standard generic tape you can buy at any car parts store.

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