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Performance Upgrades


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First I would like to say Hello to all. This is my first post on this forum. I just purchaced a 2011 Edge Sport. I have had it for 3 weeks now. I am loving it... I am a former Mustang owner, Cobra owner, and F150 owner. Ford through and through. Because coming off owning these vehicles i have i guess been spoiled with to many aftermarket acceseries to choose from. I have looked and looked and looked and can not find anything for this car. It dosent need much this thing is amazing, it's loaded. Still though an exhaust system, an intake, a tune. Is this stuff coming? Is it just to early for something like this? Has anyone seen an Performance Upgrades for this new Sport. I love making my car my own and upgrading it to suit my preferences. Hopefully we all can share what are plans are. Thanks and talk to you all soon i hope.


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With modern computer controled motors a so called performance exhaust or intake is likely to provide little if any performance gain. It can look and sound different, but don't expect a performance boost.


Superior shocks and brake components are just not out there for the Edge, especially the 2011 Sport version. :angry:

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