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Morning surprises

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OK, here's one out of the blue. New 2011 Edge LTD. I go out to it yesterday morning and the parking lights are on, who knows for how long but it started just fine. This morning I go out and the tailgate is up, again who knows for how long. Any ideas out there?

Doyou have the I A key or a key fob

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ive opened my tailgate twice, panic button three times, never started the car yet though.



I was getting all sorts of bings and dings! I used to keep my keys in my right coat pocket and while driving, they would get pressed against the seat belt latch and caused the dings etc.


I've since switched to my left pocket and nothing since!


And even better, with the keys in my coat pocket while shoveling the driveway, I set off the panic alarm, locked the doors and opened the hatch!!! Looked like a damn transformer in the garage!

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I haven't yet opened the hatch, but I've set off the panic alarm. Just last week, my Edge was out in the driveway and I was in the basement of the house with my coat on, IA key in my coat pocket. I did something that apparently bumped the button just right and I heard the horn going.


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