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AC use and water under the car


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Each time I use the AC, after wards, when the car is parked, I find a small amount of water dripping from under the engine.

Is this normal?



Yep....it's perfectly normal. All cars do this. Now...if the liquid dripping from the car has a greenish hue to it....or dark and kinda thick....then, you've got something to worry about.

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Am I correct in asuming this is your fist vehicle with AC ? Every vehicle I have owned since 91 ( when I got my license) has left water on the ground from the AC.


It feeds the birds etc... :-)

Not really, it's my 5th car and 4th SUV: (Nissan Patrol, Suzuki Grand V, Jeep W , Jeep Lib.) and none of them did this.

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You know what would be nice would be some sort of small reservoir tray that could catch the water. Then the water could just stand until it evaporates or spills out a little at a time while driving.


The reason I say this would be nice is cause my garage floor has been stained making it waterproof. When the our vehicles leave, that little puddle is as slick as ice. Sometimes you can't see it when the garage door is shut because there is no obvious reflection. Then there are the times you step into the garage real quick wearing only your socks to get something and step into that damn puddle.


We are only taking about maybe 6-8 ounces of water so how hard would it have been for an engineer to have designed a little catch tray?

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