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$750 Brochure Coupon


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Thought I'd share details on the brochures with the $750 coupon attached to the brochure Ford mails out.


Ordered 1/28/11

Received 2/9/11


Coupon is for $750 expires 4/2/11. Expiration isn't a set "30 days". And isn't transferable, it's made out to me.

Can be used with X-plan but not A/Z/D plans.


The brochure itself is thin/cheap. More of a big pamphlet. The .pdf download is a better brochure.



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I believe you can only use the coupon on dealer stock.



I ordered my 2011 Sport and I am using my $750 coupon. I am getting all incentives:1000 + 1000 + 500 + 750.


also, I think the key to getting the coupon is when it asks you when you plan to buy, you should choose the option of 3 months or sooner. If they know you are seriously considering buying soon, they will give the coupon.

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Thanks for posting the coupon! I went online requested the brochure and then forgot all about it. Two weeks after applying X-plan pricing and $1500 in incentives we had decided to purchase an Edge Limited AWD. We were about to head to the dealer to sign the paperwork and checked the mail and sure enough the brochure with the $750 coupon was waiting for me in the mailbox. Score! The dealer happily applied the coupon and adjusted the paperwork and we were good to go!


Great deal! Thanks for sharing!

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