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Couple of questions on the 2011 Edge before I buy.


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Hi everybody! Looking to buy a new 2011 Edge Sport and have a couple of questions.


Is the 2011 Edge of the 2nd build yet? I thought when a car was built that the factory would call a certain run the 2nd run where all updates or revisions would be applied at the factory.


The other question is I looked at the owners manuals on the Ford web site and they are up to three(3) revisions of the manual. I downloaded the 3rd revision and I read in the manual on page 23 under Instrument Cluster/Remote Start Settings that the steering wheel was listed. My Dodge Ram that I'm trading in has a heated steering wheel and was wondering if this was a late availability option. Also cooled seats were listed.


Anybody know about these three things I'm curious about?


- 2nd run at the factory

- Heated Steering Wheel

- Cooled seats

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I love my heated seats but cooled?


My butt on ice? Hmm, have to give that one some thought before I agree it's a good idea.


They're fantastic on a hot day. My wife almost forced us into spending $5000 more for the MKX just to get cooled seats. She used them a lot in the summer after a hot day of tennis.


If you don't have them you won't miss them but once you do have them they're hard to give up.

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As thinguy said, the heated steering wheel and cooled seats are only available on the Lincoln MKX version of the vehicle. A shame, too - I have a 2011 Limited Edge and would have loved to get the cooled seats for the hot Texas summers.


Unfortunately, I don't have any info on the 2nd run at the factory.



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