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Can someone post TSB 10-2-9?


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Can someone post the entire text for TSB 10-2-9? Googling it returns a couple of sites that either require a registration or a fee(?!?)


I just got my Edge back this past Saturday. The invoice said they replaced the rear driver's side wheel bearing.

If the TSB states that more needed to be done, I'd like to have something with me to "prove" to the dealership that they didn't do enough.


When I picked up the vehicle, the service dept guy said he didn't think there was a TSB for the bearings. Ironically, I gave them all of the info, including the TSB number, when I dropped the vehicle off.


I'm close to the 60 k warranty limit, so I'd like to make sure the work was done correctly.


Thank you in advance.

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I can get it I think, might have to wait til tonite or tomorrow I will post it if no one else does before I have it.


Thank you in advance. I appreciate it.


VERY frustrating when a service associate tells you there isn't a TSB on something when I know that the opposite is true. I'd just like to have a copy in my hands when I go back in.



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Dont know what year you are looking for but recalls and TSB's can be found here for FREE.



http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/recalls/recallsearch.cfm Recall link


http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/tsbs/results.cfm TSB link



Thanks very much for the links. Unfortunately, when the TSB's pull up, they only provide a summary of each. You then have to pay to order the actual documents.


"Please note that documents, which are summarized on database searches, may be ordered from NHTSA Technical Information Services. Fees are involved in providing these documents. The following link describes TIS Fees. Also described is the TIS Reading Room, where visitors can view and/or copy documents and files. "




I appreciate the help, but I'm still looking for the complete text of the TSB, not just the summary.


Thinline, again, thank you too. However, I'd like to have a copy of the official TSB to bring in with me. I'm concerned that

A. The service dept didn't even look up the TSB

B. I asked them specifically to check the rear wheel bearings - so that's all they did and all they fixed.

C. If the drivers side went bad, how long until the passenger side goes? My warranty is up in less than 3000 miles.

D. If the TSB stated that they had to replace more than just the bearings, I want to ensure that it's done correctly.


Thank you again for the responses. If anyone has access to the full text, I'd appreciate it.

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My service advisor wouldn't even look up the tsb when we told him initially. He only ordered the wheel hub ass. Since I tend to get a little irate, my savvy wife handled the advisor when they called and told her the hub ass. Was in. She went in and told the advisor.....playing dumb mind you, that since this was the second time the bearing went out that maybe something else is wrong. He said have a seat and I'll look into it. An hour later he told her "you know what, there is a TSB on this issue and we have to order another part." Which we told him at initial visit. Wife said that she knew how to handle him by making it seem that it was his idea and he really thought it was. You would think that helping them by giving the tsb number would help out. They obviously hate having a tsb number waved in their face because I know for a fact that lack of a better term here, thse guys take classes on how to be smug assholes when dealing with warranty repairs. If we brought the car in after warranty for a wheel bearing, they would replace every part of the rear suspension. Unfortunately, you will have a difficult time getting the link replaced since they have closed out the work order with ford and in their eyes your problem is repaired. The bad links were machined wrong causing the hub ass. To sit at an angle causing premature bearing failure. Ask to see the bearing and the wear pattern. Any decent mechanic would obviously know the difference between just a faulty bearing or that something caused the obvious wear pattern on the bearing races. Good luck.

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I already thanked igcitng via email. I have not taken the vehicle back to the dealership yet, but will keep the board posted. Per the TSB, they should have replaced the rear suspension trailing arm/knuckle assembly at the same time. The invoice only listed the part number for the bearing hub.


Thanks again igcitng!!!

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Awesome posting igciting ! It is amazing that I had to twist the service advisors arm to even look the TSB up as they were only going to replace the hub assembly on pass. side even though this is the second time the bearing needed replacement ! They refer to the trailing arm/knuckle as a "link" on the work order. Even if I had the printout that you posted, which is the exct one that Ford pulls up from the oasis database, the advisor still would not look at it. Trying to make someone elses job easier actually makes it harder for the customer.....geeesh !

BTW, ghastly, were you able to get the dealer to order the trailing arm/knuckle even though they already replaced the hub assembly ? Keep us informed brother.

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the TSB doesnt say the link has to be replaced with the bearing on every single vehicle. On the dealer TSB instruction sheet it gives a list of part numbers that have to be replaced and a list of numbers that are already the revised parts. Its good that you actually got the service writer to get you the part but not everyone is going to be able to do this because they might already have the revised part installed from the factory.

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Sure thing Akirby. I attached it as two files, had to scan the hard copy.


I also have a 2008. What would tghe symptoms be if this repair was needed? Is this something that tends to happen with higher milage?

Just wanted to thank everyone for there info and to thank igcitngfor posting the two TSB Attachments. I have a 2008. I printed them off and went to my dealer here in N.S. Canada, because I new I had a Rear bearing gone on the drivers side and they did not know about the TSB on this. I have 87000 km on it and It said that it applyed to the Edge being built before !2/4/08. Mine was built 12 days before this date. They asked me where I got the TBS's from on the problem and I said I have friends in high places lol. It sounded like the passenger side was starting to go to so the dealer was good enough to change everything on both sides for me before my warranty ran out. Needless to say they had to order the trailing arms and knuckles in because they had never changed any before on any of the EDGE's they had sold there, not.knowing about the TSB meant they just changed the hub.bearing on some of them that came back..(lol) I'm a little surprised that the dealers are not better updated than this on known problems that people are having with there vehicles. O well hopfully folks like me will always have forums to come on and get the info they need. Thanks again.

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I know this post is dated, but it appears that my 09 Edge is having the same issue at 70k miles. We have had purchased the Premium Care warranty at the time of purchase which extends the warranty out to 100k miles. I'll have to check the verbiage this evening, but does anyone know off hand from experience if this repair cost would be covered under that warranty? Thank you.

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