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New tires installed !

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I have researched tires for about 2 months to the point of driving my wife up the wall. I went with the Toyo Versado CUV in size 245/60/18. These tires are unbelievably quiet and provide and ultra smooth ride. The wet traction is absolutely outstanding ! I can drive through a long deep puddle at 50mph and these tires cut the water like a hot knife through butter. One thing that I found most impressive is the improved steering response an ease at which my Edge turns. I replaced the stock michelin lattitude tour hp's and these tires were absolutely horrible in the rain........to the point that my wife refused to drive in the rain! I ordered these tires from www.treadepot.com and they are priced at $146 per tire. They are about $60 cheaper than the michelins per tire ! The new tires have the "paint lines" on the tread and I have put over 300 miles on these tires and the lines are still there....proving to me that these tires are going to wear very well. They have and "A" rating for traction and temperature and 440 tread wear. Our Edge drives better than it did when new ! I love driving her again. I was hesitant at first going with an overseas made tire as I tend to buy only american made products, but I have been completely satisified and impressed with my purchase. BTW, this is the only tire specifically designed for owners of CUV's which is important becaue these cars weigh over 2 tons and ride on a car frame. I have compared these tires on-line to the goodyear assurance, yokohama avid envigor, dunlop signature, and cooper discoverer cuv. The sidewall design of this tire is amazing and looks great on the Edge.....very sporty. I always thought the sidewalls of the michelins were "too busy". IMHO, there is no better tire out there and no better place to buy them from. Peace.

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I looked at those (30k+ miles ago) when I needed to replace my OEM Conti's but they didn't make them in that size at the time. I had a set on my wife's Sienna and I couldn't agree with you more! I ended up with the Toyo Open Country HT which has also been a great tire, but now that the Versado is available in this size, will definitely have to consider when it's time. Thanks for the update!

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