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    Exhaust Smell Update

    I've replicated the issue on all A/C options, although it's still inconsistent; I even thought I smelt it one morning with no heat or air running with the driver's window cracked open, so that made me think it was definitely something under the hood and not coming from the back. But we're done with it now and not wasting anymore of our time trying to get it fixed.
  2. carbonedge+

    Exhaust Smell Update

    I missed the Ga Lemon law by a few thousand miles before I realized it. It's strange how it doesn't do it in the winter when running the heater, only when run the A/C in the warmer months, which is more frequent in the south. I recently inquired with the dealer again about another fix and was told there was not one after they again check with a Ford engineer; and my response was 'we'll be looking for a replacement' with no push back what so ever...so, my fix...we have 2015 Toyota Highlander XLE on the way this week. Sorry Ford, but that's what the wife decided and she will never drive another (unless she has to drive my Fusion)...I'm going with the happy wife route! As for the Fusion, I said I'd never go back to a sedan, but I may have to say the same thing now about an SUV/CUV. I like the handling better, even though it's not a sports car, I was surprised to see how much better it takes corners and such, and with these new Toyo Proxes on it...oh my, had some Cooper CS4s on it and they rode great, but did not corner well; I'm taking some turns/curves up to 15 mph faster with the Toyos. I've also gotten hooked on E85 now that I found a station in my commute route that sells it...yeah, it's less mpg, but there's more oomph per right foot/gas pedal application with the higher octane rating, plus it runs smoother; gotta pay to play...
  3. carbonedge+

    Exhaust Smell Update

    We're still battling this issue with the wife's '13 Explorer (3 attempts later); even after a fix that came from Ford engineers; latest update is that they are still working on a solution...
  4. Took my Edge (w/ 96k miles) to a dealer this morning to have the transmission flushed and flashed. I've experienced a lot of what others had posted; hard shifts, slipping from a start, other unusual occasional happenings, but it never left me stranded so I kept chugging away. They flushed it and updated it with the last calibration settings; and while it's still too early to tell if it's addressed all the issues, the ride home seemed much smoother. The hard shifts I experienced were a while back and because it was never constant, I didn't worry much about it. The last time it did that was around the 50k mile mark. There have been other milder shift patterns but I easily determined that was related to the shift point changing while traction control was engaging (yes it can be done). There were other minor times like slowing down and just as it downshifts, and getting on the gas there was a bit of jerk, but that was just related to the timing of the downshift and getting back on the gas. The latest issue I'd seen was a feeling of the transmission slipping while maintaining speed in 6th gear. As soon as I turn O/D off, it stops. It was never severe, just sporadic and annoying. It turns out, a co-worker was riding with me and she noticed and said her husband works for a Ford dealer; you need to call him. Got the re-calibration for free. He said "there are multiple reprograms for the shift solenoid body. My tech has not yet had to replace a trans or rebuild one on the Edges to date. In most cases a reprogram and a trans flush cure the issue." So far so good. So if you're having transmission issues, you might try to at least have it re-calibrated. They did all this in about and hour and half, so my guess is a re-calibration would cost you about an hour's labor. He also mentioned he "found another TSB on 2 shift sensors that are being replaced in repairs" so those having more severe issues may need more than just a re-calibration. I mentioned a single occurrence where from a stop, it felt like there was no power getting to the wheels; it was a very, very slow start and finally felt like it was supposed to about a mile later. Turns out there was something mentioned about starting from 4th gear (I may have heard that on this forum), and that's actually what this felt like. Only happened once, time will now tell if it does it again. Unrelated to the transmission, there appears to be an open recall letter out related to "cooling system corrosion may lead to contamination of the heater core." I never received the letter but he did provide me with a sample copy if anyone's interested. I don't appear to have an issue related to this. So, if you are having transmission issues, get it checked out, it could be as simple as a re-calibration. I will also say, making a friend with someone that works for a dealer helps too! Just a side note, I recall a post on here a while back asking if anyone ever turned traction control off on dry pavement to see what it would do considering it could still generate wheel spin with it on. Well, let me tell you, I did recently (because I was getting new tires the next day) and all I can say is TIRE SMOKE! :peelout: And if it's wet...well, that obvious, you lose traction and control; that's why it's called traction control!
  5. carbonedge+

    ODO Data Error

    Been hectic lately...just new tires at this point; it's running great and racking up the miles at a pace of about 2k per month...it's serving me well and the extra fuel mileage is a definite plus.
  6. carbonedge+

    Silblade wiper blades warranty

    Another testament to Silblade's customer service (also dealt with Romona) and she with my Id10t (idiot) duh moment...bought (from Amazon) a pair of blades for my wife's '13 Explorer, which has a redesigned wiper arm, and not for the better. This new design requires the blade to slide on the end of the arm, which also requires a swap of the bracket that Silblade mounts on the blade for most other applications, then you have to snap on a separate piece on the end of the arm to lock in the blade. Well, apparently I did not snap on the passenger side arm completely, Id10t rd 1; and found out after running it through a car wash that has the cloth scrubber strips that hang down and wave up and down over the car. Well, one of them knocked the end piece off and went who knows where. Get home and zip tie the blade to the arm until I can determine whether or not I can just get a replacement end piece. I contacted them through their website and after explaining what I needed, they sent the part. However, it appeared they did not send the end piece that I needed, just the bracket that must be swapped and it was in a small zip lock type bag. I contacted them again stating that I was still missing the end piece that I needed. She promptly resubmitted the order, this time with 2 in separate zip lock bags but i still did not see the end piece (Id10t rd 2 & 3 as I never opened the bags...). Contacted her again asking if there was an email address that I could send a picture of what I received and to make sure she understood what I was needing. She provided me her email, I sent her the picture of the little bags of items and one of the end of the other arm that I did snap on properly; and she resubmitted the order, again came in a small zip lock bag, but this time something was different, I could clearly see 2 pieces in the bag...the end cap being one of them...and so guess what was tucked inside the bracket in the other bags I had gotten previously that was not clearly visible...yes, the end cap that I needed...needless to say she is very patient as well with this Id10t...and I now have plenty of extra brackets and end caps should I make the same mistake again...
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    ODO Data Error

    /\ /\ /\ /\ Yep, what he said \/ \/ \/ \/
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    That would be a lot cheaper...
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    Can I afford a CPO 2011 Edge w/ AWD?

    Does your credit union have a car buying/locator service? Many do and typically they will be able to get you a decent deal and you don't have to hassle with the whole negotiation process with a car salesman.
  10. carbonedge+

    Best Cell Phone Holder For Edge?

    I'm an avid Waze user as well. Love that navi app
  11. carbonedge+

    Best Cell Phone Holder For Edge?

    We actually have a '13 Edge loaner right now as my wife's Explorer is back in the shop for the exhaust smell issue; if you don't mind the reach, that is a good mounting spot...
  12. carbonedge+

    Best Cell Phone Holder For Edge?

    Unfortunately, I can no longer speak to where it would best mount in an Edge, but I will take a look in the loaner we currently have. I now have a '12 Fusion; there is a little drawer left of the steering wheel, I pulled the felt lining, cleaned it with alcohol, and it's stuck to the textured bottom; it feels very secure.
  13. carbonedge+

    Best Cell Phone Holder For Edge?

    This will stick... http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007FHX9OK/ref=oh_details_o08_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  14. Apparently there is a seal between the spoiler and the back glass on the bottom side of the spoiler. This 'gasket' (looks kind of like a thin foam) has come out is a couple places on my Edge and is hanging just below the spoiler. Would it hurt anything to just remove what has come loose, or should I take this to the dealer to have it fixed?
  15. carbonedge+

    Grinding noise when turning on ice and snow

    Yes, you can turn it off and try it and I bet you don't hear it...but once you confirm that, turn it back on as I did that once on a wet road...there is a reason it's called 'traction control' and defaults to ON...
  16. carbonedge+

    ODO Data Error

    Best I could tell at the time, it fixed it. It had only been fixed a few weeks...then I totaled it...
  17. carbonedge+

    Round 3 ~ Final Round

    Maybe they changed it to Edge of the Year...I enjoyed the run while we were tied...enjoy the hat!
  18. carbonedge+

    Good Front/Rear Door Speakers?

    If you are looking for simple drop-in improvement; http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003G6H558/ref=oh_details_o06_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I bought these (for my former '07; not sure if these will fit an '11, but I'm guessign they probably do). I did fronts and rears, but probably could have gotten by with just the fronts; I already had the factory sub as well.
  19. I'm sure Ford (and 'Mr. Kirby') would like you to represent grammar...
  20. carbonedge+

    2013 Edge 3.5L engine replacement

    Don't let them put you back in an Altima either...
  21. carbonedge+

    New Edge Owner in GA

    Born and raised there myself; dad was civil service at RAFB.
  22. carbonedge+

    2013 Edge 3.5L engine replacement

    I would be just as upset over the fact that they put you in an Altima for 3+ weeks; I wouldn't call that pretty good...they should have given you a comparable replacement; you bought a Limited, the least they could do was put you in low end Edge. I took my '07 into a local dealer that I did not even buy the car from for work over the weekend (a few months back) and they put me in a '12 Edge; granted I had to pay for the work, but still, you just spent $35k+ and all they could give you was an Altima?
  23. carbonedge+

    Contest Conversation

    I was liking my odds until Cellbine jumped in...
  24. carbonedge+

    64000 Miles On OE Tires

    If you are considering Coopers, check out the CS4 Touring; that's what we finally put on the above mentioned Sienna that finally seemed to hold up; had a quiet smooth ride too. For my Edge, I was on my second set of Toyo Open Country H/T; I would highly recommend those as well.
  25. carbonedge+

    64000 Miles On OE Tires

    I also find this hard to believe...Did you have 17" wheels? My wife had a 2004 Sienna XLE, we put over 100k miles on it and 6 (yes 6!) sets of tires on it!! The last set had the best tread life as it was recommended that we go up a size to get out of the passenger car tires and into the SUV grade. The tire shop said the van is just too heavy for the OEM tire and saw that issue a lot.