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Oil Change/Service Interval


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So when I got the vehicle I read the warranty and maintenance guide. I have an Edge 2010, purchased in ontario. The warranty guide says first service at 12,000km(~7000miles) and if you use it under the special operating conditions have the service at 8,000km(~5000mi). I do not fall into the special operating conditions category. Also I know as a general rule if you dont drive the vehicle much you should at least service it every 6 months.


So went to the dealer to have an unrelated issue addressed and they said. "Oh you are due for a oil change and service" This was around 6000km(3700mi). I said well the manual states the first service maintenance is at 12,000km. He said "well that is the interval if you want to keep your warranty". I know with older vehicles they require oil changes around 5000km. I got the oil change at 6000km and am due for another soon according to them.


So I am looking for some sort of confirmation that I am okay having the oil changed before but closer to the 12,000km mark and not in half the km's and that the dealer rep is full of sh*t and is just trying to bring in more revenue. Is it better to change the oil more often say at 6 or 8000km? The rep also gave me a general service book with sooner service intervals not specific to a ford edge. I am heavily leaning towards following Ford's maintenance manual because they designed the vehicle in the first place. Comments?

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I had the same experience with my dealer when I took it in for service. They said that Canada falls under Special Operating Conditions.


How would Southern Ontario be any different that Michigan? Or worse than Minnesota or North Dakota?



No different whatsoever.

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