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Another newbie to the Edge - 2011 Red Limited


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Hello everyone. I've had a 2011 Edge Limited for about a month now and I'm liking it more every day. It is red candy metallic with the medium light stone interior and 20" wheels. I love this combination of colors and have had many compliments on it. I really like driving it and using the MyFordTouch. This system is what I've thought auto makers should have been doing for years now. Great work Ford. I haven't always been a big Ford fan, but they seemed to be on the right track now with their engineering, styling, and safety features.


I have to say though, I'm not a big fan of the 20" wheels. Even though others have spoken highly of them, they just haven't grown on me. They are hard to keep clean and I just don't love the faceted styling of them. To me they look too much like a snow flake or something. I prefer a much cleaner design, but they are what came on this vehicle. To get everything else I wanted I was stuck with them. Maybe they'll grow on me eventually. The only other two blemishes regarding the design, in my opinion, are the often spoken of headrests and the fact that the 2011 design does not have a handle in the middle of the arm rests in either of the front seats. I miss this a lot. Having something closer to grab on to while opening and closing the door adds a great deal of control while in the tight quarters of a parking lot or if it's windy outside. I have no idea why they would eliminate this feature. Other than those three things, I've been very pleased with my Edge.


I've enjoyed reading other posts on this forum and appreciate everyone's input. It was very helpful when shopping for our Edge. Now I look forward to many years of driving it and keeping up with everyone here. I'll try to post some pictures of it soon. I took several the night I brought it home. Thanks everyone.

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