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close to ordering but a few more questions

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OK, we have narrowed it down to the Edge and Honda Pilot,


My wife likes the drive and options with the Edge but the space of the Pilot (we are coming from the Odyssey)


Do the back row of seats move forward and backward or do they stay in place?


Can we take the headrests off the back row of seats? My wife finds it hard to see out of the back with them.


Do you think two full size suit cases fit in the back of the edge?


Thanks in advance,


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Thanks for the quick reply.


I have been to two dealers who could not take off the back headrests, I have tried as well.


You may have to release them from inside the seat. Somebody posted that procedure but I don't remember which vehicle it was for and which forum it was posted on. I'll see if I can find it.

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