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Would it fit?

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Do you think a 5.0 or a 4.6 liter V8 could wiggle it's way into the engine bay and still have room for accessories? (Fan and what not) I'm just asking this out of the blue. Don't expect anything crazy.....


Possibly but it would have to be mounted transversely and there are no transverse V8s in Ford's lineup right now. I think the Continental 4.6 was the last one over a decade ago.


And even if you could get a new 5.0 in there it wouldn't fit the FWD transmissions and even if they did fit they wouldn't handle the torque.


You'd be better off with a EB3.5L and 6F55 which is already transverse mounted and puts out almost the same power as the 5.0L. The problem then is that there is no Edge PCM version for that engine/transmission combination.

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