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  1. Yes,today I was checking other things and I checked the tone ring, it is cracked. I have to replace it soon before winter.
  2. Hi everyone, I was changing my parking brake today and while I didn't have a problem to change it on the right wheel, I found that I am missing the part that goes from cable in to the left wheel. It is not in the hardware kit or parking brake kit that I purchased. It should be be connected to the cable, but is not. if anyone knows the name of the part and where can get I it? As pointed on the image attached. Thanks
  3. My problem is when I turn left on the stop sign, traction control light goes on for a second and car jerks for a second. I noticed this problem only when the weather is cold ( bellow 2-3 C or 38 F). The road is dry and no snow. I had this problem last winter and at first sign of spring and warmer weather I have changed the ABS sensor on the front left wheel. All summer was OK and beginning of the winter it started again. If I press on the gas little bit more sometimes doesn't jerk. Is it faulty sensor or something else? Thanks.
  4. thanks, I'll check if I can find it online.
  5. Hi, I am searching online for this module for ford edge 2007 and it says it doesn't fit ford edge, it is for for explorer 02-03 anybody knows where to buy 7H473 4WD control module. thanks.
  6. I just replaced mine complete burned but still working, the price in ford dealer was 20 something $,found replacement on rockauto for 3.67 (in the lamp & socket for ford escape 2007 2.3 L L4). it fits on ford edge 2007. part AIRTEX / WELLS 1P1466‏
  7. strange enough my gauge is back to normal. maybe 2 months ago started to work again. In your case could be that unit is stack when you have a lot of gas in the tank. Mine would start working after half of the tank is empty, but now is ok, don't know for how long. found this tsb for this issue http://www.revbase.com/BBBMotor/TSb/DownloadPdf?id=140915
  8. I did it yesterday, fairly easy job to drain the fluid, little bit tricky to fill up ( took more time than to drain) Don't forget ford edge transmission fluid capacity is 10quarts (9.5 L). I drained almost 7 liters. My questions: Is it safe to use transmission fluid that is left to add to poverstearing fluid to fill up? In the manual shows the same sort of fluid to use.
  9. thanks frozennuts, I a.m trying to figure out what is lower on the picture, can you tell me is it 1 or number 2 that I put on the new picture, thanks.
  10. Hi guys, I want to change transmission fluid on my edge FWD 2007,I am trying to locate drain plug and only thing that I could guess that is maybe the plug(is) I circled with the red on my pictures. Can somebody tell me is it correct? thanks.
  11. Well, it worked for 2 weeks and get back to full again, it is not fuel sending unit I guess, I disconnected wires from the fuel pump and sending unit ( picture 2 on top of the tread ) and still shows full. I think that some wires have bad connections but where to check this? thanks
  12. you are right, the picture is different than the actual unit.The part that I ordered fits in ford edge FWD 2007 and it took me maybe 1 hour to replace the unit, starting with removing fuel pump relay, starting the engine 2-3 times to release the fuel pressure in the system, the procedure to replace fuel sending unit was easy part, it took me 5-10 minutes, put back seats and ready to go.If someone has to replace the fuel pump it is the same procedure as this one
  13. thanks, I ordered the fuel sending unit today, will do this weekend.
  14. My fuel gauge stack on full, want to replace fuel sending unit, anyone can give me tips how to remove wire harness, fuel line and metal ring around . found fuel sending unit 33$+shipping rock auto dot com thanks
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