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  1. darkriff

    2011 SEL driver's door won't close

    Mine. In drivers and passenger doors i have got the same problem. The dealer changed both of them
  2. darkriff

    fuel sending unit / fuel pump

    i think that unit you ordered wont work...those edge fuel sending unit looks different Also the edge uses two sensors for measuring fuel level since the fuel tank is kind of divided in two, at least in my 2011 is that way
  3. darkriff


    Where did you get it from?
  4. darkriff

    Ok, The SCT worked on my edge!! Pics!

    i haven`t taken it to a dyno cause here in my city they dont have awd dyno, im still looking for it thou to test it! Thanks
  5. i found this one up, but the website looks supsicious http://www.driveav.com/product/Five_tenths_Jeans/2012/0514/85.html
  6. darkriff

    need help! edge wont turn on on the first try

    But they were actually clean, and car can get over high rpm as always thats the weird thing
  7. hi guys, here where i live the gas sometimes its not clean so my car started to not going further 4k rpm because of that I took it to a repairman and he took the gas tank down we cleaned it up (it was very dirty) but after we put it up again the car wont start at the first try as before., i have to try more than 3 times each time i want to start it up I also cleaned the inyectors, it didint help either It is weird that after the car is on it wont try to turn off it just runs ok Any ideas? Thanks in advance Ford edge se 2011
  8. darkriff

    steering noise turning left

    I have same exact problem in colombia too
  9. darkriff

    Whicht cold air intake Filter would you prefer?

    And.. Is it true that u'll get 11hp wit this?? Thanksss for ur answers
  10. I know this might be asked many times before. But i've heard there is some issues with the prozen filter and the check engine light K&N Filters 77-2574KS 2007-10 Ford Edge 3.5L Cold Air Intake 11 HP Gain http://bit.ly/IRze33 Or this one 2012 Ford Edge 3.5V6 Cold Air Intake + K&N filter NEW http://bit.ly/IRzpv8 Thanks The second
  11. darkriff

    Ok, The SCT worked on my edge!! Pics!

    Nop. Its normal start with the key
  12. darkriff

    Ok, The SCT worked on my edge!! Pics!

    40 to 160 video!!