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  1. Well, I just fixed it, thanks to this thread. I bought a can of compressed air, like you'd use to clean a keyboard. Stuck the straw from the can into the hose, pinched the hose, and with one squirt cleared the blockage. I used the ice bucket from my hotel room to catch the water. It filled the whole thing and more.
  2. I am on vacation when I noticed this problem. I disconnected the hose on the driver's side, but it's bone dry. The water on the carpet (when I turn to the right) is coming from somewhere else.
  3. Dr Fildo

    ISO One 20" Chrome Clad Wheel

    I'm looking for one 20" Chrome Clad factory rim/wheel for my 2008 Edge. Cracked one and need a replacement ASAP.
  4. Dr Fildo

    Car skips until I give it more acceleration

    Having a similar issue again. Wife says that the car "bucks" when accelerating from a stop light. No problem starting the car. I'm going to change the other 2 plugs in the front today to see if that makes a difference.
  5. Dr Fildo

    2008 Ford Edge 3.5L #5 Coil replacement

    I have had this issue. Replaced #5 plug and coil. Took 10 mins. Huge difference in the way it runs now. No more hitch between 40 and 60 mph
  6. Dr Fildo

    Car skips until I give it more acceleration

    I have had this issue as well and brought it to Ford b/c I suspected trans issues. I was told the #5 spark plug and coil need to be replaced. Thankfully the #5 plug and coil is the one in the middle on the front of the engine. I was skeptical but replaced them both (the coil was over $100.00). The problem went away.
  7. Dr Fildo

    Oh no not Transmission issues again!

    I recently had a problem that I swore was a transmission issue. It was jerking a little between 40 and 60 mph under light acceleration or slight uphill. The dealer said it was the #5 coil that needed to be replaced. They wanted about $250 to do the job. I didn't believe that could be the issue and didn't want to pay the labor to do it so I bought the parts and replaced it myself in about 10 mins. Turns out that WAS the problem! Easy fix.
  8. EVH, I'm having the same problem with my '08. Light on the switch goes on briefly and then out... No heat. Did you get the answer you were looking for? From what I'm reading, it's either the module, which one person said was under the passenger seat, and someone else said was under the drivers seat, or it's the element itself. I wonder how difficult it is to change the element, if that is the problem...
  9. Dr Fildo

    Heated seat problems

    Does the module have to be replaced, or is it the heating element in the seat itself? I'm having the same problem, unfortunately.
  10. Dr Fildo

    Spare tire size

    Good to know. Nice work Fellas.
  11. Dr Fildo

    Stereo problems - with subwoofer or base

    I had this same problem. It started a few weeks after I purchased mine (certified pre-owned). Took it back to the dealer and they replaced it. The connections to the amp becomes loose over time.
  12. Dr Fildo

    Spare tire size

    My wife has the car right now, but the camera is level to the top of the donut. There is approximately a 2-3 inch difference is size. I will post the actual tire and donut specs later.
  13. Dr Fildo

    Transmission trouble?

    Too bad I'm over 80k. 96,000+ currently. I'm hoping it isn't the PCM.
  14. Dr Fildo

    Spare tire size

    That's the donut in front. The 20' rim with tire is behind it. Clearly not the same diameter. I'm wondering how harmful to the differential it is to run on the donut. It can't be good.
  15. Dr Fildo

    2008 Edge Transmission jerks when shifting

    I recently had the same problem. 2008 AWD - 96,000 kiles. Jerking between 40 & 60 mph, usually following coasting. Worse on slight inclines with soft gas pedal pressure. No fault codes. I took the car to Ford. They told me the #5 coil and plug needed replacement and wanted to charge a little over $350.00 for the job. I was skeptical that this could cause the problem. I bought the coil and the plug from Ford (I wasn't giving them $350 for this easy a job.) (plug was pre-gapped, which was nice) for a little over $150.00 and installed it myself. It was a breeze because the #5 coil and plug are right in the front. It's the middle of the 3 plugs/coils in the front bank. Took all of 10 minutes. Problem solved!! Do this. You will not regret it and probably will be as amazed as I was that this could cause this kind of problem.