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  1. jmbreeze23

    Passenger Blend Door Actuator

    Hi there. Here is a thread where this was discussed and I was able to fix it. Now, with that said, a year later to the exact date, it happened again. Hot on the driver's side, cool on the passenger's side. I'm glad I didn't have to search too deep to find what I did before, as I'd forgotten. I hope this trick works again like it did last July.
  2. jmbreeze23

    Dual Climate Control Repair

    I have a 2012 Edge LTD with the dual zone climate with 106k miles. I also had the issue of blowing hotter than hot air on the driver's side, and cold on the passenger's with the AC on Max. Thanks to this thread, I was able to try the recommendations here. I unplugged the green connector with the car off, plugged back in and turned car on. Turned on AC, still the same result. Next, turned car off, then unplugged connector, and started car. Turned AC on, no changes. Turned AC off, car is still running. Plugged the green connector back in, saw the rod move once I plugged it back in. Turned AC back on and it worked! We'll see how long it lasts. Thank you everyone!
  3. jmbreeze23

    Rubber Rails/Seals on Sunroof

    I have a 2012 Edge and had the same issue. The passenger accordion rubber piece would flap and make noise when I had the roof popped open. Also, the rubber piece would actually slide in the rails when the roof was retracting I dealt with it for a while. Next time I had the oil changed, I had the dealer take a look. He did something to adjust it, but it was really the same issue, no change. Several months later, I retracted the roof and the rubber went back with it. Then I closed it, and the rubber was all wadded up in the front part of the rail. Basically, I ended up having the dealer replace the seals. It was pretty expensive, but for as much as I paid for this car (like others), the last thing I want is the roof to start leaking and ruin the headliner.
  4. jmbreeze23

    Front Bumper Issue

    I have this too on a 2012 Edge Limited. It's on the driver's side and pops out about 1/4" inch. I regularly push it back in, but the service guy at Ford showed how pushing on the lower front bumper - like wind if you were going down the road, makes it pop back out. It's the way the clip was designed. My other option they told me was ford could replace the bumper cover under warranty... but I would be worried the paint won't match. I like the epoxy idea. I'm going to ask about it again when I take it in for the oil change @ 25k miles.
  5. jmbreeze23

    Front, driver's side bumper keeps popping out

    I have a 2012 Ford Edge Limited and the exact same thing is happening! I have 24k miles on it and it's been like this since at least 10k ago. I asked the dealer and they said the clip was not manufactured right and wears out? The option I was provided was to have a new bumper cover installed, but then I would be concerned the paint wouldn't match up. I'm going to ask about it again when I take it in for the next oil change. Just curious, do you hear any rattling (plastic sound) or vibration on the driver's side going down the freeway? I don't know if they are correlated, but it's annoying and seems to have gotten worse. I used to hear it only when it was windy on the freeway - getting the cross wind, but now I hear it almost all the time at 50mph+ speeds. I have not brought the rattling up before with the dealer, but will be doing so on next visit.
  6. I just ordered this set for my 2012 Edge. It has the front, rear mats + cargo area. I can't wait to get them.
  7. jmbreeze23

    2012 road noise

    Thank you for explaining. I think I'd also read online that the 2012s had some additional soundproofing done in the A pillars upfront, so maybe that too helped with it being more quiet.
  8. jmbreeze23

    2012 road noise

    I wondered what the "soundscreen" meant on the windshield. I thought maybe it had to with the little material shield that pops up with the sunroof. Can you elaborate a little more about what your sales guy said? That was the reason I bought the 2012 Edge as it's so quiet on the freeway. I'd rented one (on accident, was supposed to be a Fusion, but they were out) and fell in love with how there was no road noise. I really didn't know cars could be so quiet.
  9. jmbreeze23

    $35,841 + TTL - How Did I Do?

    I did too with mine. I originally financed at 5% for 72 months through Ford to get the $1000 cash back savings. Then refinanced for 2.9% for same term at my credit union.
  10. jmbreeze23

    All weather floor mats

    Yes, that's what my 2012 $75 ones have from the factory. And that's exactly what happened when we had some snow/salt. So, for now, I have towels over them that go clear up under the pedals and all the way back to where the seat bracket is and across the full width of the driver and also another one for the passenger floor. It looks like an old lady's car with the towels, but at least they are dark. :rolleyes: In my opinion, they are too small for the floor area. I'll be looking at maybe something frome Weather tech or other brands. I like the whole area to be covered, salt or dry. It just keeps all the small stones /debris from getting in the carpet. Jessica
  11. jmbreeze23

    Power Liftgate Issue

    Hey... sorry for the late reply. I got it from Beau Townsend Ford in Vandalia. I have a friend who is looking at one at Germain Ford in Dublin. I told her about the lift gate issue. She mentioned it to the Sales guy there and he told her that I should be getting and SD card sent to me in the mail to fix it. I should know more in about a month when I go in for the first oil change. I'll be sure to post what I find out.
  12. jmbreeze23

    Power Liftgate Issue

    Great news! Thank you. I thought of this thread the other night while trying to shut it in my driveway. 5 times before it finally shut. Now that there is blizzard like winds blowing, I would have really been irritated standing in the cold fooling with the liftgate.
  13. jmbreeze23

    Weathertech vs. Huskyliner

    I have the stock weather floor mats in my 2012. I hate how there is that slit in the top of it sorta under where the brake pedal is. Salt and misc stuff is already now on the carpet. I am thinking about getting a diff mat/mats for up front.
  14. jmbreeze23

    Power Liftgate Issue

    Great! Thank you for the information! I will be sure to advise my tech of this when I go in. Hopefully in a couple months when I need to take it in, the program will be ready for me to get updated.