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  1. I had the same issue after a booster change. The pedal was low and spongy. Backing up briskly and stomping on the brakes hard enough to activate the ABS, two or three times, fixed the issue with me. JM
  2. You can bleed the ABS controller by activating the ABS in reverse. Back up briskly and hammer the brake peddle. Do this 2 o 3 times and all will be well.
  3. mrgrouper

    Car & Driver

    Audi frequently understates a vehicles actual horsepower.
  4. mrgrouper

    Synthetic oil only?

    That's just wrong in so many ways. Total nonsense.
  5. I had the exact same issue with my rear brakes. Rust had formed on the caliper bracket underneath the clips. This caused the clips to press too tightly on the brake pads causing them to not release completely. The solution was to grind away the rust on the bracket, underneath the clips, and remove an additional 5 MM of material from the bracket Liberally coat the bracket underneath the clip with anti-seize to stop future rust. This allows the pads to move more freely and not drag. I also cleaned and greased, with synthetic brake grease, the caliper slide pins and thoroughly cleaned the holes or apertures that the pins slide into. Fixed my brake issue.
  6. The latest Sync update 3.8 seems to have removed Sirius Travel Link. Is this a Canadian thing because I frequently travel long distances in the USA. Any idea how to get it back? JM
  7. mrgrouper

    Sirius Travel Link

    I did have it with 3.6 but with the 3.8 update travel link is gone. Kinda not happy because we just drove across the USA. Would have been useful. Thanks Ford.
  8. I had the same issue with the rear brakes of my 2012 Edge. There are two problem areas; the pins the caliper slides on can sieze if not regularly cleaned and lubricated and, rust can form on the caliper bracket underneath the pad anti-rattle clips. When rust forms it moves the clip reducing the space available for the brake pads to move. The pads need to move freely in the caliper bracket. Address these two issues with proper cleaning, grease and anti-sieze compound and your overheating brake problem should go away. Cheers
  9. mrgrouper

    Engine Cover

    Just so you know the foam engine cover makes an ideal roof for a rodents nest. My Edge was parked for two days. I went to start it and all sorts of lights went off on the dash, including check engine. A rodent of some kind decided to make a nest underneath the intake manifold and also chewed through the wire harness to the CHT sensor. Vehicle was not drivable, P1269 error. Not cheap to fix as the upper and lower intake manifold has to be removed to get to the sensor. If you live in the country and park your vehicle outside get ride of the foam engine cover. Just saying. JM
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    I used a 35W kit from Absolute HID. The kit used Canbus Pro Ballasts and 9006 bulbs. Absolute HID threw in an inexpensive 9006 relay harness. I changed the harness main feed wire from the relay to the battery to a 12 guage wire. The original was only 18 guage. When I installed the system the relay buzzed when the lights were in DRL mode so I installed a 1100MFD capacitor I had lying around on the switch side of the relay (you could use anything from 1100MFD to 4700MFD). That fixed the DRL buzz. Never had a buzz when the lights were full on. The only other issue I had was the cheap relay that came with the harness would occasionally stick on so I replaced that and all has been well since. When you use a relay you don't really need to use a canbus ballast. I did just because the Canbus Pro Ballasts were a better quality with a low failure rate. This is what the ballast looks like... http://www.google.ca/imgres?sa=X&biw=1520&bih=964&tbm=isch&tbnid=tq_nK4v6sk1pMM%3A&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Fredchariot.ie%2Fhid-ballasts%2F140-1x-hid-xenon-replacement-canbus-pro-ballast-12v-35w-.html&docid=z5bZtsrkOxvm3M&imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fredchariot.ie%2F140-1266-thickbox%2F1x-hid-xenon-replacement-canbus-pro-ballast-12v-35w-.jpg&w=800&h=537&ei=5HgsU-r5GaTgyQHC94HgAg&zoom=1&ved=0CFMQhBwwAA&iact=rc&dur=823&page=1&start=0&ndsp=33 Cheers
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    I did both. I used canbus ballasts that worked by themselves well with lights on normal and on DRL. I was paranoid about screwing up the electrical system so I also installed a relay. I changed the relay harness battery feed wire from 18 guage to 12 guage just to be sure the ballasts get enough juice on initial start-up. This set up has worked flawlessly from day one. John
  12. mrgrouper

    Engine noise

    So what was the outcome?
  13. I have the same issue with return wire shadow at 0800. When I installed the 9012 HID bulbs I seem to recall that the base or socket was riveted to the projector housing. JM
  14. mrgrouper

    Ambiant lighting keeps coming back on

    My 2012 Edge has the ambient lighting issue. So if there is a data retention error in the APIM, what is the fix? New APIM or new SYNC software? if I go to the dealer with this issue what will they do?