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  1. My 2013 Ford Edge Soort started overheating when stopped, I noticed that the fans were not working at all even with the ac on. Knowing that the fans going out is a common problem I replaced the whole fan assembly, but the fans still do not work. I also changed the 60 amp fuse with no luck. Not sure what to try next any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve noticed others that have had the same issue, but have not seen them solve it. I have searched the forum for answers with no luck.
  2. Zemzabob

    MPG Question

    Yeah that seems low I've had mine for about three weeks and its not that low.
  3. What rotors and lines did you get?
  4. Man I was wanting to do HID's but now I'm not so sure.
  5. Sounds just like a bent rim I had on my E250.
  6. Zemzabob

    Clear Bra

    I think I'm also going to have this done but with 3M because that's what the guy that dose all my work uses.
  7. My 2013 sport has both the tray and coin holder.
  8. Zemzabob

    22' wheels

    Is this still an issue? I have a 2013 sport on 22's of course, just wondering if this has been fixed on the 2013?
  9. Zemzabob

    What do you guys think of these?

    I really like them very nice!
  10. All true worked the business for years.
  11. Zemzabob

    Rear seat bolt covers

    My 2013 is the same way no covers on rear seat bolts or front seat motor that's the way they come factory.
  12. And this was all on top of X-plan pricing?