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  1. Just wanted to close this out. I ended up being rear ended at a stop light a few days after posting this. It was just minor damage but while Edge was being repaired the body shop wheel guy took a light polisher to the wheels and those marks came right out. So I'd say WWWPerfA_ZN0W solution would have worked just fine too. Thanks.
  2. Hi detailers, So this dude cuts in front of me close to the end of the exit ramp and then proceeds to hit a piece of carpet, or sheep skin rug or something, and since he's so close to me it comes out from under his car so quick I can only get left enough so my two right tires hit it. No problem right? Then I goto wash the car and see these, what look like scuff or whip marks on both wheels and a little on the clear bra air dam, but I'm not worried about the bra. I took a wet terri cloth towel and rubbed the marks with medium pressure and they did seem to lessen but from the pics you can see they are still there. Wondering if there's a way to buff/polish out what look like less then a scratch on the Sport wheels w/o being too noticable? Or because its a painted wheel, I'm screwed? Thanks in advance.
  3. You're right TheWizard, it's been so long since I played around with Drive sizes I forgot that I needed to use the format app because the PS3 backup file was over 4 GBs in size, not because the drive was too big. Windows and two other free tools I tried kept erroring out halfway through the formatting for some reason, but free tools are worth a try at first.
  4. Cool Thanks Akirby. For those hitting the FAT32 limit of 4 GB you can buy the same software tool I used several years ago called "CompuApps SwissKnife". I used it to reformat my 300GB external drive so PS3 could backup to it. Since then Playstation puts the important stuff in the cloud so I then used it to reformat it back to NTFS. It costs like under 20 bucks and worked great for me. ***DISCLAMER*** I'm not 100% sure how CompuApps got around the limit, probably using extensions to the FAT32 architecture so I can't say for sure if MFT would still recognize your drive but my playstation and several laptops had no problems reading from the 300 GB drive as FAT 32.
  5. Can the MFT read NTFS? That's a proprietary Microsoft design but SYNC is a partnership with them. Just curious.
  6. Just to close this out, turns out I was incorrect nothing had fallen down the under the seat vents. I borrowed a friends flex camera and fished it down there and there's no chamber down there just basically a tube to the front HVAC. So I got annoyed enough to decide and take everything loose out of the car before I took it to the dealer. As I was taking the crap out of the center console I lifted up the little tray at the bottom and apparently a metal tire pressure gauge had gotten underneath that, somehow. It used the console like an echo chamber as it sounded much louder than a small tire gauge rolling side to side. Lesson's learned.
  7. OnTheFence

    Disable door keypad

    Not trying to insult anyone's intelligence but maybe try changing the personal code you picked as well? Just in case the dude shoulder surfed someone using that one instead of getting the master code from the owners manual. It's a fairly quick easy thing to do. I've seen several dealers have the policy of putting their dealership's zip code on all the new cars while on the lot. So the usual info sec advice of not using something "easy" to guess comes into play as well.
  8. From what I can tell sagid.ali is correct. I took my car to Witt Lincoln and Alan Raines as well, who's a cool guy, both he and I looked at the VCM on his laptop and there was no option for the "light pipes" for DRLs on my 2013 Edge Sport. It's a GUI menu and In the Body Control Module it even mentions European rear DRLs which are required for fog lights in the rear. Strange to me those lights are there and Ford decided they look better turned off most of the time.
  9. OnTheFence

    2013 Edge Sport

    Main Album, can't seem to create another one so I'll post my pics in here.
  10. OnTheFence

    IDS VCM, 2013 model

    According to this site you'll need the VCM-II VCM II The VCM II will be introduced in the second half of 2012. The IDS software will support both the VCM and the VCM II. http://www.motorcraftservice.com/vdirs/retail/default.asp?pageid=wds_retail&gutsid=&kevin=rules
  11. OnTheFence

    Warranties -- Peace of Mind

    Hmmm... I purchased the 72 month or 6 year 75k "PremiumCare" warranty extension plan through Ford for $1205.00, looking at paperwork now. So I'm not all that happy that others seem to be getting 7yr 75k for the same price, what's up with that? The dealer I bought at was back in Pennsylvania and I had a friend working in Service so I don't have any reason to think they cheated me, but even that warranty was only after negotiating for 25 mins. So what's the deal, I didn't negotiate as good as others or maybe they are wrong and it should have been the 7 year? I'm guessing whatever is on the paper is what the coverage is. It also says there's a 100 deductible, which kinda sucks.
  12. OnTheFence

    HTC One and text receipts?

    I have an HTC One coming from the 1st generation HTC Evo. The Evo never allowed the MFT to read my texts but since I've got the HTC One (about 1.5 months ago) it's worked fine. When paired, an incoming text will alert in the right side of the drivers console and I can press OK to have the car read the text. I'm currently running Android 4.1.2 with HTC One Sense 5.0, but heard HTC released the newer 4.2.2 and most carriers are working to release it this summer hopefully that update won't kill the text feature it's pretty cool.
  13. So I'm hoping this doesn't sound as much of a dumb question as it seems as I type it, but wondering if there is anything special to do with inside of Sport's exhaust? What is the material? Is there a metal polish recommended maybe something to protect against discoloration from exhaust condensation or buildup?
  14. Hi, So during my recent long road trip with a full Edge I believe something has gotten down inside what I believe are air vents under the front/passenger seats that give air flow to the rear passengers? I hear something probably about the size of a bottle cap rolling side to side during turns, I do not hear it going back and forth. It sounds as though it's inside the car as I've already removed everything from the side pockets and such. So I'll spare you a rant on why the hell Ford wouldn't have a screen over those openings and ask if anyone knows more about them than me? I've considered one of those flexible cameras that I can fish down there and see if anything shows up, but they are around 100 bucks, which I imagine Ford would charge me to troubleshoot it anyway. My friend has a magnet on a flexible shaft, so I'll try to get that in there and see if whatever it is, responds to magnetism. In the meantime here's a blurry cell phone pic, hope it helps.
  15. OnTheFence

    Concerned - 2013 Edge Limited/Sport

    I think I had a bad battery in my Edge from factory. I'm still not sure, and neither was the Ford tech, if that was causing my constant "battery saver - system off" issues or if those issues caused my bad battery. I'm leaning towards the battery but I got it replaced at the same time as I was upgraded to the latest firmware for MyFordTouch. Either way if it's even causing the slightest trouble Ford will replace the battery without an issue. Since the replacement and upgrade I've had zero issues, and I can actually have the accessory power\ radio on for more than 3 mins! where as before the battery saver would shut it off.