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  1. Manish R. Patel

    Mustang Parts for Sport?

    I like the idea of the Porsche truck, but you gotta spend 80 to even break the 500hp barrier, plus whatever else you want in amenities. For 60k you can get the SRT with way cheaper insurance and well, maintenance, if any in the future wont be outrageous. Add a few small bolt ons to the SRT and you have an insane truck, more so than it is from the factory. I mean, you know, i'll take either, lol, I own an Edge Sport.
  2. Manish R. Patel

    Mustang Parts for Sport?

    I might actually do it when the mid-cycle 2014 srt cherokee comes out.
  3. Manish R. Patel

    Mustang Parts for Sport?

    Its time to trade this badboy in for a Cherokee SRT at that point.
  4. Manish R. Patel

    headliner color

    If I could do the sliding fabric for the panorama roof with trouble I'd be interested on doing all black. Just seems like a pain in the butt!
  5. Manish R. Patel

    Adding an amp with sync a problem?

    Is it possible to find out which speakers that the sync system will use when ringing or while in a telephone call. You might find that if the installers use line level outputs, perhaps the current/existing sub you have might not be utilized during those actions and therefore might be the wiring to tap for the line level output. Just a thought.
  6. Manish R. Patel

    Prozen cold air intake running rough at high rpms

    Its not out of the realm of impossibility, for my 12 mustang gt the intake required a tune or it threw codes. As little as we make it out to be, an 'intake', it can have a profound impact on the workings of the motor.
  7. Manish R. Patel

    My Owner Impression

    I'm surprised how well my edge rides on these 22's, but I think I want to get a smaller and thinner wheel for the winter with some snow tires. I need to figure out what the smallest wheel we can use is.
  8. Manish R. Patel

    Summer's coming, Any one up for a picnic or BBQ?

    I'd be down, especially if Dingo shows up! lol
  9. Manish R. Patel

    73mm BBK throttle body works!!

    Bob, question for you, the tune you got, is it a one off? I noticed you've done a few mods already, did they take those into consideration with the tune, or was it just a piggy back on perhaps the 3.7L mustang tune?
  10. Manish R. Patel

    Weird vibration on turns??

    I'm hearing a weird tapping sound when i make a right turn, I just noticed it Saturday, I'm gonna have to listen for it so I know its something consistent and then drop it off. Never had this happen on something brand new, hopefully its an easy fix.
  11. Manish R. Patel

    Saw a Tesla Model S today

    Ive been seeing a lot more of them lately here in NJ, they're pretty wicked, I'd love to own one but the condo life and charging that sucker arent made for one another!
  12. Manish R. Patel

    Help with 2012 Edge Sport HID's...

    Hey bud, I'm in Edison, I'm willing to travel with payment in beer and chow for someone to take a shot at this! haha, Rob Schneider is the man! Its weird how it didn't work, they tried for an hour. I gave it a shot myself about 3 days ago and it was no go, I dont know if I'm doing it wrong or the angle is kind of weird but it wasnt working for me...sucks!
  13. Manish R. Patel

    Raptor Grill for the Edge?

    Same here, I was ready to pull the trigger on a white supercrew, then I thought, eh, will i get its full use out of it...
  14. Manish R. Patel

    my Edge Sport