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  1. 27Sport

    Dash Camera Installation

    My 2018 did not have the drawer so I swapped it with the one from my 2016 before trading it in.
  2. Yes, fuse 78 is there and 12v power is going to it. Since I can't get to the back side of that fuse box, I wonder if there is even a wire connected to it.
  3. Somehow my local dealer had the jumper harness in stock! I plugged everything in but still no trailer power. I used a test-light and there is no 12v power going into the trailer tow module (brown/red stripe wire). I tried seeing if it needed to be enabled with Forscan but it did not detect that module. My next step is to apply power to the 12v wire of the tow module from the battery to see if it works. Might also need to enable it with Forscan as I have seen screenshots from other vehicles that show a trailer tow module, which is different from the factory trailer brake module in some vehicles.
  4. So I'm in the process of obtaining all the necessary parts to add the factory hitch to my '18 Sport. So far I have the hitch (used), the split liftgate sensors and the 4-way harness that plugs into the empty spot behind the passenger side tire. There is an unused plug behind the panel inside the luggage compartment which I believe is used for the trailer tow module. However, it requires a jumper harness to go from the single plug of the vehicle, to the three plugs on the module. It's part number F2GZ-13A576-B, which is on national backorder. As far as needing to enable the trailer tow module, it's not required. The F150's get the trailer brake module enabled, since the Edge does not have trailer brake capability it only has the lighting module.
  5. 27Sport

    2017 Edge rocker panel issues

    Have the dealer perform TSB 18-2339. It states to install new lower door weatherstripping and mini mudflaps behind the front tires. This is the exact issue for this TSB.
  6. 27Sport

    FWD or AWD?

    The monthly price difference between a FWD and AWD will usually only be a few dollars as the residual value will be more on the AWD version. Plus you don''t have to pay the full cost of the AWD option, just the residual portion.
  7. 27Sport

    Had to call the dealer, but he gave me my vin today.

    Only if you have access to Ford's internal site.
  8. I see the '19 ST has a digital boost gauge in the left side of the cluster. Anyone have an idea on how to enable it on 2015+ Sport models using Forscan?
  9. 27Sport

    2019 Edge ST Finally got a build date

    Because the dealer ORDERS it SPECIALLY for a customer that wants it a certain way. It's not rocket surgery.
  10. Where exactly does it say the engine shuts off when decelerating? Cutting the fuel off is not the same as turning the engine off.
  11. 27Sport

    What the ST is, what it might have been?

    Because that would have added even more cost to the ST, not only in parts alone but also engineering and testing cost. On a trim level with very small per year sales it just didn't make sense. The ST is already a 50K vehicle which puts it at the limit of what people are willing to pay for a two-row Ford SUV. Plus it's dangerously close to the price of a nicely equipped Nautilus.
  12. Reading individual tire pressure only became available on the 2015+ Edge models. The capability is with the sensors themselves, not the module reading them. Older systems did not have that capability and using a bluetooth adapter is not giving accurate data as it's relying on wheel speed sensor data from the ODB port to "guess" the tire pressure.
  13. Uhh, Continental does more than just make tires. They also make PCM's and other modules.
  14. 27Sport

    Where to purchase OEM wheels?

    The 21" wheels are made in Mexico by Prime Wheel.