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  1. PartsPaul

    Anyone running a Cold Air Intake?

    That testing takes all the fun out of adding a modified intake set-up. I still like the deep sound produced with a cold air/open filter intake though.
  2. PartsPaul

    Coil/PCM issues and reimbursement for TSB 13-04-17

    The most current TSB (technical service bulletin) for this issue is 14-0059. In the TSB the instructions state to change the spark plug and ignition coil on the affected cylinders only, not all 6. FYI: The only time FoMoCo will reimburse for work done outside the shop is if it is an emergency repair (more than 100 miles from a dealer) for a warranty issue that stops the car. They will also reimburse you if a repair is done that is later covered under a mandatory recall. They will not reimburse you for work done by an independant shop that is addressed in a TSB. These bulletins are intended only to aid a technician with a repair that may have an unusual fix or to address a difficult to diagnose repair. The 'extended' coverages are addressed in your owners manual. Gotta read the small print and ask questions.
  3. You didn't furnish the year of your Edge, but scanning the parts catalog for several different years it seems the chrome bezel/ring is only available with the headlamp switch.
  4. PartsPaul

    DIY Tail light painting

    WhiteKnight, I love the tag frame. Reminds me of the bumper sticker I had years ago " I brake for tailgaters! "
  5. PartsPaul

    Dealer plugged my tire!!!

    Just like hamburgers, some dealers aren't worth a second visit. Sad to hear of your bad experience. Salespeople are generally paid a commission on the PROFIT of a car deal and thus are reluctant to fix, repair, replace anything once the numbers are on the paper. For anyone who has this type of issue in the future, after the salesman gets your best chewing, go find the store manager or owner and go off on him. (Just make sure you are justified)
  6. NSA listening device. Usually they hide them better.
  7. PartsPaul

    What Color (Colour) is your Ford Edge or MKX?

    Ginger Ale. The survey colors need to be updated.
  8. I can understand the many complaints about "premature" brake wear on many of your vehicles. But everyone needs to keep in mind that the more harsh the enviroment, the more maintenance is required on our cars. The OP lives in upstate New York and I'm sure that NYDOT is working hard to keep roads driveable by using the latest chemical technology. These chemicals have undoubtedly caused a caliper slide pin to seize, causing the brake pad to wear out ahead of the others. If you drive under harsh conditions, extra service work is reqired. I lived in Florida for 40+ years and hardly ever had brake problems on anything I drove (mostly Fords). In Minnesota for 4+ years and I've done more undercar repairs and service than the last 40! The difference is no road chemicals in Florida, unless you count roadkill!! Road chemicals take a serious toll on suspension and brake parts. I have a new routine every spring. Pull wheels, clean and lube caliper slide pins, clean rust and scale from brake pads and calipers. and while the wheels are off I wash what I can touch with soap and water. This kind of maintenance is not usually found at a repair shop where the techs are paid by the job. Get em in, get em out. That's how these boys make their money.
  9. PartsPaul

    FoMoCo Splash Guard Install Question

    Yours is the engineering number. I posted the service part number. After 30 years pushing this stuff, I still don't understand why they have to have both.
  10. PartsPaul

    Inexperienced car owner, car won't start?

    I see a couple of issues that need to be addressed. First the negative battery terminal looks to have copious amounts of corrosion on it. I can't see the positive terminal as it's under the protective cover but I'd guess it looks just as nasty. The corrosion affects the connection between the car and the battery, not a good scenario. Second, in northern climates batteries rarely see the end of the warranty period. Four years may be all you'll get out of it. And have you checked the water level in the battery? I'd bet its low too. That will shorten the life and the ability for it to keep a charge. Third, I see lots of nut shells laying in the lower intake manifold, under that stainless steel fuel rail. You have got a rodent problem. Small furry creatures seem to be attracted to our cars. The plastic insulation on the wiring seems to be a draw for them. They nibble away until they are full and then your car won't start. Find out what the locals are using to keep them at bay. As for the errant wire, I don't know about that. But it should be connected to something, Ford doesn't put extras on like that.
  11. PartsPaul

    FoMoCo Splash Guard Install Question

    Ford OEM splash guards are part number 7T4Z-16A550-A. Anything else is a wanna be part.
  12. PartsPaul

    Hello from Minnesota

    PartsPaul here signing on to yet another automotive forum. As the handle implies, I currently am employed at a large Twin Cities MN Ford/Lincoln dealer doing what I seem to do best, selling Ford parts. I've been involved with parts and service over the past 30 years and seen lots of things come and go. I hope that if some of you have parts questions I can be of some help. Just bought (yup, on the D plan) my wifey a 2013 Ford Edge SEL powered by the 2.0L Ecoboost engine. I didn't get much feedback from the techs in the shop as to whether I should go V-6 or EB, so I let her pick the car she liked best. Between our two stores we had only a few 'off' colors available. I knew white was out of the question as she has been looking at a 2002 Taurus in that color for a loong time, 197,000 miles worth. So she picked out a Ginger Ale SEL with just a few options on the sheet, so I'll add some tasteful accessories as time goes on. Here are a few pics.Last one is the partsman's wagon!
  13. PartsPaul

    2012 Edge Ecoboost Buring Oil, HELP!

    Glad your oil consumption issue has been cleared up, and THANK YOU for coming back and telling us the end of the story.