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  1. I've heard (maybe just another persons personal experience) they they do come on if the outside temp is below a certain level. And...they come on at a very low level. Not the same level as when you manually turn them on. This is done as a safety feature so that they don't get too hot when the vehicle is unattended. It's more just meant to heat up quicker when you actually get into the car and are sitting on the seat.
  2. CleBoy

    Edge Sport Tires

    Negligible when you're already spending over $1k on tires.....
  3. CleBoy

    Edge Sport Tires

    I did! Had them on about a week and I'm loving them! Can't say the ride is too much smoother, but it's sooooo much quieter. The grip feels good...had a lot of rain lately and the tires are performing great. Just feels good to know that I have some new tread for winter!
  4. CleBoy

    Edge Sport Tires

    Thanks tintman-I'm talking with my dealership now about price matching the amount I have found online. If they can do that, I'll have mine installed this weekend! These pirelli's are getting louder and louder it seems!
  5. CleBoy

    Edge Sport Tires

    Tintman, have you had the Continental's installed yet? How are you liking them??
  6. CleBoy

    Edge Sport Tires

    Funny you say that...the more research I do, the more I lean towards the Continental's!
  7. CleBoy

    Edge Sport Tires

    Looking forward to the feedback. I'm about to buy a set and deciding between those and the Yokohama's.
  8. CleBoy

    2013 Edge Sport

    It's a smoother ride with the smaller wheels, but you'll never beat the looks of those 22's!
  9. CleBoy

    New Sport

    I wasn't a fan of the 2015's until I saw this pic. Looks great!!
  10. Pro clip. You'll play a little more but they fit and look great
  11. CleBoy

    Blind Spot Information System Mod

    Maybe a dumb question or something you have already considered, but have you thought about how annoying that would be in traffic?
  12. Although expensive, they are worth the money, especially to battle salt in the winter. Best protection out there.
  13. Check out weather tech floor liners and husky weather beater floor liners. Either is those will do that job...I prefer the weather techs, but either are excellent and fit well. Just make sure you're looking at the floor liners and not the mats-the liners go up the side wall and protect much better. I have the same issue here in Cleveland!
  14. CleBoy

    Owner Impression: Crap

    Hard to take this post serious without some facts here.....
  15. CleBoy

    2013 Sport vs. 2013 CTS

    I just traded in a 2011 CTS coupe for my 2013 Edge Sport. The electronics in the Ford are worlds ahead (granted, the new model CTSs have updated electronics). I loved the look of the CTS coupe, but I'm not regretting my decision!