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    Ford sued over MFT

    I have my complaints about the system, the edge and Ford in general. However, I see this from multiple viewpoints. When I look at it from my perspective, I’m disappointed because I was told by the salesman that new features were coming and now the system is now being replaced. I never got to see any more features than I had the day I drove it off the lot. I consider myself a power user of anything I own and always want more, so it will never satisfy me. So, I’m disappointed but it doesn’t warrant a lawsuit. Now there are those that say this only occurs in 1 in 1000. That may be the case, but how many of the owners actually take the time to learn how to use all the features. My mother who is over 70 and just wants a car with NAV will only use NAV. She doesn’t care about text message read back, getting weather reports or storing music on the hard drive. Therefore, there is a chance that these problems are far more prevalent than we think and the system just isn’t being fully utilized to bring them to the forefront. And then there’s those who are really pissed and want to trade-up or out of Ford for more stable systems that have better features but can’t because the vehicle has been depreciated as a result of the numerous complaints and media attention. In this case, I could see the need for a class action lawsuit. If nothing more the owner should be reimbursed for the difference between the current value and the value it would have if the system performed better. Now who determines what that value would have been is beyond me. Value is something that varies based on many factors, time, place, mileage, personal preference, and demand.
  2. engmoto

    2013 Edge Sport Wheel Finish Cracking

    That's good to here. I'm on my second set and noticed the cracking again. I failed to mention this on my last visit to the dealer. It's currently in for the shift to park message.
  3. engmoto

    Owner Impression: Crap

    Sorry for the long response time, and short vague post. I was extremely frustrated between the service appointment and dealer offer. I have the 13 Sport AWD and over the last few months it's begun to rattle, power is below expectation, the seats have grown to be very uncomfortable (I'm a little taller), and dealer just gave me a low ball offer of $26 for it with 21k miles. The sticker was $42k when I purchased it, I mentioned before that I expect better quality for that price range. I've had wheels replaced due to finish problems, a rear door had to be adjusted because it rubbed against the front door when opening. The MyTouch system rarely recognizes my voice. The interior lights keep changing to default and full bright randomly. Bluetooth connectivity is intermittent. Oh, let's not forget the leather seat upholstery that won't stay in place and the fact that the MyTouch system shutdown on me several times. Also, fault codes that get sent to dealer with no warning to the driver there is an issue. That turned out to be a failure on the diagnostic system and was resolved with a reflag. Ford sold me on technology and I will say they made great strides but more needs to be done on the quality side. This the first and last ford I'll own.
  4. engmoto

    Owner Impression: Crap

    My edge is horrible. Dealer service is horrible. And has very little resale value. Ford Tough, hmmmm.
  5. I was washing the Edge last week and noticed cracking on the inner edge of the finished portion of the wheels, so I mentioned it to the service manager at the local dealer. He took photos and I just recieved a call saying Ford will be replacing all four wheels. Has anyone else had problems with the finish on the 22" Sport wheels? A littile history...I've had a few minor quality issues with the interior of the vehicle and was getting a bit disappointed with the vehicle but I'm pleased to see that Ford is standing behind it's product. I was starting to consider trading the Edge for another Jeep. I traded a Jeep SRT8 for the Edge. I knew I'd lose the power, but didn't expect such a difference in quality, fit and finish. However, I had serious mechanical problem with the Jeep, which was the reason I decided to move on.
  6. WTF! I'm feeling like I wasted $36k on this car. I'm at 8 months and it's at the dealer today for it's 4th visit.
  7. I'm the same issue, the dealer is checking on this on Monday.
  8. engmoto

    Headliner Gap

    I have a gap as well. It's the 2013 Edge Sport. I use the gap to hold the custome fitted sunshade in place. It would be nice to have a clean line at that location. My last vehicle ended up the same way once the windshield was replaced. The guy broke the old molding and I never noticed it was missing until I was trading it for the Edge.
  9. engmoto


    I'd like to upgrade my exhuast as well. I had a Jeep SRT8 prior to the Edge Sport and fell in love with the Jeep because of the sound, but eventually had to let it go due to engine, transmission problems and poor fuel economy. The edge is great and initially I enjoyed the quiet ride but after a few months I have come to miss the rumble of the engine. I'd like something a little more throaty but not so much so it sets my neighbors alarm off. I had that problem with my Jeep, it would set the neighbors car alarm off when I started it. I understand the 3.7L in the sport is the same engine as the V6 mustang and I love the mustang sound. How can we get this sound from our Edge Sports?
  10. I was wondering about this myself. I've seen other edges on the road with DRLs and the 2013 Sport I jsut brought in March doesn't have them and the service manager says if it was an option it would have been activated during predelivery.
  11. engmoto

    New Sport Owner - Florida

    I just picked up a Tuxedo Black edge sport with AWD. Love it so far, except I haven't quite figured out how to open the Vista roof. I can get the shades to go back but I can't get the glass to move. I'll be reading the manual this evening. It was raining yesterday when I picked it up so I didn't think to ask how to open it. I'm downsizing from a Jeep SRT8 and this was the only vehicle I felt came close to the SRT8 with looks and performance. It really isn't the same but it's the best bang for the buck. I also love the MyFord Touch system, just need to get Microsoft and Apple in the same room to open up more features for the Apple Cult. I'll post pictures once I black out the chrome bar and get it washed again.