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  1. After my failed one year experiment with XenonDepot LED bulbs in my 2013 halogen projectors I decided to look around to see if there were any better halogen bulbs out there. I found this discussion on candlepowerforums: http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?390701-2014-Sierra-Projector-Headlamps-best-upgrade I took a chance on the Vosla +30 HIR2 bulbs and I have to say they're a noticeable improvement over the stock halogen bulbs (lets not even talk about how much better they are than the LEDs). Beam reach is significantly better, they really throw the light down the road. I think the color is whiter as well but note that the bulb lifespan is also shorter than the long life bulbs. You can get them on Amazon or GM Parts Direct. Price is very competitive with current HIR2 offerings.
  2. After 4 months here are my conclusions: They don't throw light as far down the road as the halogen bulbs they replaced nor is their center hot spot as bright as the old bulbs...maybe thats saying the same thing two different ways. I think their fundamental flaw is that there are 2 flat diodes mounted on either side of the central black "fin"...maximum light is being directed out in only 2 directions. If someone developed a ring-shaped LED diode that threw light out 360 degrees I think these would be much more effective in the halogen projectors. If I did more night driving I would probably scrap these and spring for the Daytime BrightLights HID kit. For now, I'll use these until a better plug-n-play LED solution comes along that is reasonably priced.
  3. How do these work with the dust caps...did you install with them on?
  4. I have, installed the XenonDepot 9012 LEDs 4 days ago, the ones that a2zed linked to. My thoughts: They can be installed so they line up at 3 & 9. The tab openings for the 9012 base are such that the bulb will go in oriented at 2 and 8, if that makes sense. I then rotated the bulb base slightly clockwise to align it at 3 and 9 and the bulb is secure even though I didn't rotate it to full lock. No Canbus connector is needed. I have a 2013 model that was formerly a rental vehicle which was ordered with the headlight DRLs, same spec as the Canadian models. I ordered the Canbus connectors from XD but took a gamble and didn't install them. The LED bulbs come on just fine, no flickering at DRL or full brightness. The bulbs dim slightly when I have the headlamp control set to auto and it is daylight and the DRL function is active. They come on full brightness at night, no issues. Until I started reading the hidplanet.com forums I had no idea what foreground illumination was. These do have more foreground than the halogens and I'm not sure whether that bothers me yet but the prevailing opinion on hidplanet is that it is not a good thing. Color is great, much better than the crappy HIR2 halogens. Wish they threw more light farther down the road, whether they are brighter than the old halogens I can't say. They do light up road signs better than the halogens though and they have better peripheral illumination to the side of the road. The design of the heat sinks means you can stuff the connector wires, controller and the heat sink in the open areas behind the reflector/lens and still put the dust cap on. This is the way the heat sinks are supposed to be installed according to XD and so far I have not had any issues with overheating (but it is winter). I'm going to give these a few months before rendering a final verdict. I'll be interested to see what others think of them in the Edge.
  5. Purchased these last week. I mentioned in another post that these got great reviews on TireRack which is one of the reasons I considered them. I'm looking forward to seeing if they really will live up the promise of better gas mileage given the 20mpg I've been averaging since I got the Edge a year ago. I upsized to a 255 width tire to fill out the wheel wells. Will be doing a quick day trip to Sun Valley tomorrow (~400 mile round trip) so I'll have a better idea of their highway manners and mileage.
  6. Count me as another who's only getting about 37K from the stock Scorpion STR's. Last night I bought the Scorpion Verde All Season Plus's off of TireRack, should be able to get them installed Friday. They get great reviews on TireRack. Went with the 255-50r20 size to fill out the wheel wells a little bit more than the stock 245's. Only a 1.3% diff in circumference so I should be OK w/ speedo calibration.
  7. Didn't sell these over the winter so they're still available. PM or text me for fastest response.
  8. Which DSP mode are you using: stereo or surround? I've found the bass response on the Sony system changes depending on that mode.
  9. Selling my OEM 20" chrome clad wheels, $750 for the set plus shipping if applicable. Three are perfect, no blemishes...one does have a 3" curb rash (see pic). These came off a 2013 Limited with 27K miles. Includes center caps but no TMPS sensors. Am willing to ship w/in continental US only. Text me at 208-409-3508 or PM me here for more info or pics.
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