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  1. Hate to tell you but, most of the aftermarket HID headlights and other lights sold are Chinese crap
  2. David Young

    Failing Backup Camera in '16 Ti

    Probably have to get a new camera. My 2011 Mustang has a brightness and contras as separate adjustments. It is like a high definition camera. Our 2014 Edge Limited doesn't have any adjustments. It only has a brightness adjustment which at the same time controls the brightness of the dash display for all the gauge cluster. The reverse camera looks like crap on the Edge, so I feel like I'll have to buy a new camera in the near future. Good luck on your problem and keep us posted on the final outcome
  3. David Young

    AM Wheels on edge

    We bought these 20 inch wheels made for Mustang's from Discount Tire. Our Edge came with 20 inch wheels. Their web site will tell you if the wheels will fit your Edge or not. These wheels come in Black also. Pick out the wheels you like and see if they say they will fit or not. The wheels came to their store in a few days and had new tires installed also.
  4. David Young

    Spindle nut size?

    I would check with your local Ford dealer parts guy. If they don't have one in stock, they can most of the time get one in 3 or 4 days
  5. David Young

    Edge Shift to Park Warning Message

    Replaced the switch today. The second time is easier . We'll see how long this one last. If this one only last a couple years, I'll order the one from Ford. I'll have an extra switch if the Ford one goes bad is a couple years
  6. David Young

    Edge Shift to Park Warning Message

    I'll order one when and if the 2 switches I just ordered go bad.
  7. David Young

    Edge Shift to Park Warning Message

    Well, my switch is going bad again. I replaced mine on September 30, 2017. My wife is getting the shift to park warning again, it did it with me once. Just wiggle the shifter a couple times and the warning goes off. They went up to $5.64 for the switch at Mouser Electronics . I just ordered 2 of them for $21.15, tax and shipping Thank goodness for this Forum
  8. David Young

    Muffler Black is this normal?

    Maybe you ran through something black on the highway? If not, you might have a hole in your muffler I think these mufflers will last many, many years...……..
  9. David Young

    Leave key fob in car?

    I tried the 7-8 9-0 button locking with the key fob inside the Edge. It works on my 2014. Just use the door code to unlock the door.
  10. David Young

    Leave key fob in car?

    Just did a test. I rolled the key fob in a sheet of aluminum foil. It will not detect the key. Cheap and simple
  11. David Young

    1968 A Ford Car is Born

    Nice video. My brother in-law's son works at the foundry. It's sad to see the painters unprotected
  12. David Young

    Wrong oil filter installed

    I would be trying to find out who and where put the wrong oil filter on.
  13. Mine was replaced for free on my 2011 3.7 Mustang. Mine was working fine and so is the new one. This was done a few years ago. I'm sure if you order one from your local Ford dealer, it will be a 'good' one. I believe they are less than $100 and very simple to replace yourself This was done under a Customer Satisfaction Program that said, 'some' 2011-2012 Ford 3.7L and 3.5l v6's might have problems with the throttle body. I got a letter from Ford to have mine replaced. This program expired (I think around 2016)
  14. 4 wheel disk brakes are easy to work on. I cant understand how so many people can't find your problem :(. Only things I would check or replace would be...….After driving take a temperature gun and find out which caliper or calipers are dragging, the rotor will be hot. When and if found, replace the rubber hose or hoses that connect to the caliper. Air in the lines can cause calipers to drag. If one or several are dragging be sure to grease the pins in the caliper, like others have said. These are the things I would be doing if I were having a problem like you
  15. Good luck. I'm willing to bet the EcoBoost 2.0 won't be lasting no where near 300,000 miles