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  1. David Young

    F-150 to Edge Decision

    I have a 2011 Mustang, a 2014 Edge Limited and an old low miles 1991 F150 4X4. You know what?, The 1991 F150 4X4 rides smoother than the others :(. It's hard to believe, but true I only drive the truck around 1,000 miles per year but when you need a truck you need a truck...….
  2. David Young

    What Brand oil filter?

    Motorcraft is what we use but I would not be afraid to use Wix oil filters.
  3. David Young

    post accident repair bugs

    Our 2014 Edge and my 2011 Mustang did the same thing when the battery started going bad. Replaced the battery in both (year or two apart) and it fixed it
  4. David Young

    Using nonethenol gas

    If you can buy nonethanol gas cheaper than up to 10% ethanol gas, they aren't telling the truth. In the past we've had several gas stations selling 100% pure gas with 0 ethanol at normal prices. They were shut down because their gas had the normal, up to 10% ethanol. Just saying...……:)
  5. David Young

    Still not an Edge but nearly...

    Your steering wheel is on the wrong side
  6. David Young

    Using nonethenol gas

    I use Exxon 87 octane non ethanol gas in my boat. It cost 10 cents per gallon more than the 93 octane, up to 10% ethanol gas I use in my Mustang at the same gas station
  7. David Young

    New tires- Pirelli Scorpion Verde

    The opposite happened to us on our 2014 Edge. The factory Pirelli Scorpions (20 inch) were worn out, loud and made a wobble sound at 35,000 miles. We replaced with Michelin tires, all is smooth and quiet now
  8. David Young

    gas tank capacity at empty

    You all know the fuel pump is in the gas tank? It depends on being submerged in gasoline to keep it cool? You all know this, or am I wrong...………...
  9. David Young

    The Mustang Mach-E is a sellout!

    I like it a little. I just joined the Mach E Forum. Mostly to keep track of how it does.
  10. David Young

    World's most beautiful snowblower!

    I've seen snowblowers on TV and movies but never seen one in real life. We don't get much snow in Tennessee
  11. David Young

    Mustang SUV

    I guess with Ford only keeping a Hybrid or maybe all electric Focus and the Mustang as their only cars, making a Mustang SUV makes a little sense. The Escape looks like a ballooned out Focus to me anyway
  12. David Young

    Speed limitations

    Yep, your MyKey has been set. You have to have both keys to undo it :(.
  13. David Young

    Mustang SUV

    With Ford dropping almost all the cars, GM is too, I'm afraid it might happen this time. They're talking about a SUV style C8 Corvette in around 2025 on the Corvette Forum I'm a member of
  14. After getting new wheels and tires on our (Wife's) 2014 Edge with around 38,000 miles I noticed the brakes had a bad vibration when stopping harder than normal. I hardly ever drive the Edge, I asked her how long have the brakes been doing this? She said quiet a while. She thought it was the almost worn out tires and never told me about it. Yesterday I went down to my local parts store and bought new rotors and pads for the front. I started to buy Motorcraft rotors but mine warped at 2,000 miles on my Mustang and now our Edge at 38,000 so I don't trust the factory OEM rotors. The rotors I bought have a 2 year warranty and the pads have a life time warranty. So, $225 and 2 hours later I installed them yesterday morning. They feel nice and smooth now. No more vibration while braking