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  1. Mine was replaced for free on my 2011 3.7 Mustang. Mine was working fine and so is the new one. This was done a few years ago. I'm sure if you order one from your local Ford dealer, it will be a 'good' one. I believe they are less than $100 and very simple to replace yourself This was done under a Customer Satisfaction Program that said, 'some' 2011-2012 Ford 3.7L and 3.5l v6's might have problems with the throttle body. I got a letter from Ford to have mine replaced. This program expired (I think around 2016)
  2. 4 wheel disk brakes are easy to work on. I cant understand how so many people can't find your problem :(. Only things I would check or replace would be...….After driving take a temperature gun and find out which caliper or calipers are dragging, the rotor will be hot. When and if found, replace the rubber hose or hoses that connect to the caliper. Air in the lines can cause calipers to drag. If one or several are dragging be sure to grease the pins in the caliper, like others have said. These are the things I would be doing if I were having a problem like you
  3. Good luck. I'm willing to bet the EcoBoost 2.0 won't be lasting no where near 300,000 miles
  4. David Young

    Better check that spare!

    Thank you for this Thread. Nice warm day with nothing to do, I checked our 2014 Edge spare tire. The pressure was 29 psi . I put 55 psi in it, 60 sounds like so much . While with the little compressor out I checked my Mustangs spare. Its been in there for 9 1/2 years and never checked . It was 21 psi, it's filled to 55 psi now
  5. David Young

    Not Edge, but Ford

    Nice video. Ford will be ok. If they can bounce back from the Firestone tire problem, they can bounce back from anything
  6. David Young

    Water Pump Failure Prevention

    I'll be flushing the coolant in our 2014 Edge this summer for the first time. It has a little over 40,000 miles. I have the external water pump on my 2011 3.7 Mustang with 33,000 miles but have flushed it 2 times and will be flushing the coolant for the 3rd time this summer when I do the Edge. I over kill everything because I'm retired and like to waste time and money. I always add Royal Purple Ice to the coolant change on my Mustang (each time) and will be adding it to the Edge. It says it has conditioners in it to help water pumps last longer. I guess it works because it is common for the water pumps to go bad on the 3.7 Mustangs, mine is still going strong, but it is a simple change when it does go bad
  7. David Young

    2014 edge limited tuner

    I think you have to call SCT and have them change the computer code from your old Edge to your new Edge. I believe they charge around $100-$150 to do this. I think
  8. David Young

    Buying Back my Lease

    I hope buying back a leased has changed now, but let me tell you a little story. Years ago when leasing started becoming popular my Uncle's best friend leased a truck. He kept it spotless and waxed all the time. He was going to buy it back when the lease was over. The day came when the lease was up, he dropped off the truck in the morning to his dealer and told them he would come back that afternoon to buy it back. The dealer said OK. He had just cleaned up the truck looking like it was showroom new :). He went back to the dealer later that afternoon only to be told the truck had been shipped to Kentucky (we live in Tennessee) to be sold. He told the dealer to find the truck because he wants to buy it. The dealer found it two days later, it was sold to a dealer in Ohio and already SOLD to someone :(. I hope buying back a lease has changed
  9. David Young

    F-150 to Edge Decision

    I have a 2011 Mustang, a 2014 Edge Limited and an old low miles 1991 F150 4X4. You know what?, The 1991 F150 4X4 rides smoother than the others :(. It's hard to believe, but true I only drive the truck around 1,000 miles per year but when you need a truck you need a truck...….
  10. David Young

    What Brand oil filter?

    Motorcraft is what we use but I would not be afraid to use Wix oil filters.
  11. David Young

    post accident repair bugs

    Our 2014 Edge and my 2011 Mustang did the same thing when the battery started going bad. Replaced the battery in both (year or two apart) and it fixed it
  12. David Young

    Using nonethenol gas

    If you can buy nonethanol gas cheaper than up to 10% ethanol gas, they aren't telling the truth. In the past we've had several gas stations selling 100% pure gas with 0 ethanol at normal prices. They were shut down because their gas had the normal, up to 10% ethanol. Just saying...……:)
  13. David Young

    Still not an Edge but nearly...

    Your steering wheel is on the wrong side
  14. David Young

    Using nonethenol gas

    I use Exxon 87 octane non ethanol gas in my boat. It cost 10 cents per gallon more than the 93 octane, up to 10% ethanol gas I use in my Mustang at the same gas station
  15. David Young

    New tires- Pirelli Scorpion Verde

    The opposite happened to us on our 2014 Edge. The factory Pirelli Scorpions (20 inch) were worn out, loud and made a wobble sound at 35,000 miles. We replaced with Michelin tires, all is smooth and quiet now