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  1. David Young

    Front License Plate

    I'm old :(. I remember in my state of Tennessee we had front and rear plates. In the 50' and 60's they would both be white for a year or two then change to black for a year or two. I remember when ever we visited Michigan (have family living there) we would take off the front license plate. I asked my Dad why? He told me it was to let people in other states to know we were 'out of state'. That's what he told me. :). Sometime in the 1970's Tennessee did away with the front license plate and its been that way ever since :).
  2. If you have not lowered (springs) your Edge, it looks like to me something is bent. You buy your Edge used? If so, I bet it has been in a wreck or hit a very hard pothole I lowered my Mustang only an inch and had to buy adjustable Camber bolts to get it right. Just wondering ............
  3. David Young

    degass bottle flow

    It will flow when the thermostat opens.. I had to refill the degas bottle a couple times when I flushed the coolant in our 2014 Edge 3.5 and my 2011 Mustang 3.7. Unless you have a big air pocket
  4. David Young

    Best EDGE Windshield Wipers from Canadian Tire?

    From my experience, middle priced windshield wiper blades last just as long as the most expensive windshield wiper blades. Lucky to get 2 years with either ones I buy the $10 each for my old 1991 F150, they last around 2 years .
  5. David Young

    2016 Edge Sport gaps V8 SS Camaro

    Cool 😀
  6. David Young

    How many Fords have you owned?

    I've had other cars other than Ford's but they were, 'just to get me through hard times'. I'm on my 4th marriage . 74 Pinto, 76 Mustang II, 71 Torino, Bought my Dad's 67 428 4 speed Galaxie 500 2 door (it got stolen ) , 80 Mustang, 81 Mustang, 86 Mustang, 98 Taurus and the 3 Ford's I now have, 14 Edge, 11 Mustang and a 1991 F150 4X4, my Dad bought new and I got it when he died, it only has 60,800 miles.......
  7. David Young

    Use Your Head To Lock Your Car

    I did this several years ago with the key fob for my Mustang. It does work, but the looks I got from people in the parking lot..................................
  8. I have read everything from Ford has stopped making the Edge to, 2021 Ford Edge road test done by several magazines. You are right, the 2021 Edge isn't on the build site Also, none of my local Ford dealers have any 2021 Ford Edge
  9. David Young

    For the love of aircraft

    Don't laugh :). Wife and I went on a Helicopter ride in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. We went on a 5 minute ride just to see if we liked riding for our first time in a Helicopter. We loved it and will be going back this spring for a 50 mile tour of the Smokey Mountains. We were on our way home after going to Clingmans Dome. I think Pigeon Forge is just 50 miles from our house in Clinton Tennessee. It was a fun day..:)
  10. David Young

    Edge Shift to Park Warning Message

    I wonder if the switch is the same one or what the difference is. I would search it just for fun but I just mowed my yard and about to die :(. Not really die but tired, old age
  11. David Young

    Edge Shift to Park Warning Message

    Try wiggling the shifter to get the warning off. Try several times. You have to move the shifter down to remove everything to get to the bad switch (not sure on your 2015). Should be an 'over ride' for the shifter. A hidden button with a cover over it. Look at your owners manual, it should say something about it
  12. In my opinion; Most car producers are are getting the public use to the tablet style of dash because everything will be 'electric' in 15 or so years. Remember, this is only my opinion
  13. David Young

    WTB - 20" Chrome Clad Wheel(s)

    We had the same wheels on our 2014. The most beautiful wheels I've ever seen. All 4 wheels were curbed before it was 2 years old. Wife and I decided to just buy new wheels after we pay it (the Edge) off. We paid our Edge off and bought 4 new wheels from Discount tire, new tires also because the factory tires were worn out. If you notice, the chrome clad sticks out almost 2 inches from the tire. That's why they get curbed so easily. I even tried to buy the chrome clad and replace them myself. They are just glued on wheel covers on steel wheels. Replacements aren't sold Here is a picture of the wheels we got. I think they were only around $150 each (not with the tires)
  14. I'll jump in :). Narrower tires do better in snow. My 2011 rear wheel drive Mustang pulled up a snow packed 300 foot hill better than our 2014 front wheel drive Edge. We only average around 6 inches of snow per year
  15. Hate to tell you but, most of the aftermarket HID headlights and other lights sold are Chinese crap