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  1. Most of the problems I had with my Edge is because of the dealership's fault. I guess Ford or the dealership should spend more time in training their staff in terms of repairing and taking care of the car but given that the 2015 Edge is in its first year, I guess it is understandable. While most of the features that Ford has in their vehicles are not that "polished", i.e. MyFordTouch (laggy), it still holds the edge it terms of its "richness" and implementation, i.e. Lane Keeping Assist (sensitivity can be customized), Multi-function Instrument Panel (feature-rich), Sync 3 (intuitive), and the blind spot monitor (no beeps/sound)
  2. Has anyone here installed the HID kit from Drivebright for the 2015 Ford Edge? I was just wondering if it's an easy-peasy kind of work for a not mechanically-inclined person. Thanks!
  3. FWIW, the A-Pillar leak is the only one factory problem I had with my 2015 Edge Titanium 3.5 V6 301A (built Apr). Other problems I encountered were because of the service personnel's fault (dents & scratches after that A-Pillar fix). One thing I have to nitpick with the Edge as a whole is the 6-speed tranny. But I guess I'd rather have a traditional auto tranny than a CVT.
  4. I just noticed, the coverage of the weathertechs are much better on the accelerator pedal side than the huskies. It just really depends on which coverage you prefer.
  5. Like the coverage of the Huskies on the footrest but I prefer the design and finish of the Weathertechs.
  6. It seems Flood Ford is for US residents only. Here in Regina, SK Canada, I was offered with the Tricore Tri-Care EW but declined it when I saw that the warranty coverage lessens over time (not bumper-to-bumper after 3 years). There was one time though when a dealer said to my friend they can't remove the ESP because the bank where he was about to loan wants to protect the vehicle. I don't know for sure if it is true or the dealer just wants to pull more money out of my friend's pocket.
  7. Mine just came in. Looking pretty good. Now the Edge is ready for winter as snow is expected on Monday night.
  8. Yup, makes sense. FWIW, I'm kind of meticulous with regards to the carpet because of leaking freaking thing so yeah, I guess I just need a nudge and I'll cave in. The only thing I'm concerned with now is if slides around. I have no problem with the driver's side because of the grommets but for the passenger's side and the rear one, I'm not quite sold on it yet.
  9. I went for the Ford one since it is cheaper and roughly functions and protects the same with the Weathertech. But for the front and rear passenger seats, I think the Weathertech's mats are superior compared to Ford's.
  10. Favor cv27, show us some photos of it installed! Maybe it'll be enough for me to pull the trigger.
  11. What colour did you order? I'm still thinking which one suits best.
  12. Just updated mine, took about 35 mins. All seems back to default setting, wallpapers saved before are gone. No problems on other settings such as Ambient Lighting and the usual modes. With regards to the new features, Siri Eyes works well, it's just that her/his voice sounds like in a box/mono compared to the built-in voice prompt of MFT. On the phone's ease of bluetooth reconnection, yes, it does connect to your phone faster and easier. I had this problem before the update wherein I seldom forget to turn on the bluetooth on my phone before starting the vehicle and turning on MFT. Even after turning the bluetooth on on my phone while MFT is running and on the first quadrant it says connecting to phone, it can't connect automatically unless you go to the connect phone menu, select the phone, and tap connect. Now it just automatically connects to your phone without going to that said menu. Overall, pleased with the update, although of course it could've been better if it is Sync 3 with its much better interface and operability. But hey, at least they didn't forget us MFT users.
  13. I used to work at a auto shop before and we usually drain the oil first before replacing the filter but due to the placement or orientation of the filter on the 15 Edge, I guess it doesn't matter which goes first. Any automotive expert here to confirm? With regards to the oil filter being accessible from the top, I prefer it to be that way rather than from the bottom, easier to remove and install.
  14. Consumer Reports had this AWD vs FWD comparison recently (not specifically with an Edge) and kept recommending to invest more on great snow/winter tires than getting yourself an AWD.
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