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  1. Also please include what you are paying for it and where you are buying. So I just got a hold of the prices for the 2016 Edge down here. I guess you US folks should really thank God or your superior being of choice for having the luck and privilege of living in the US. 2016 Ford Edge Sport - Costa Rica price = $71,500. Yep, seventy one thousand, five hundred dollars. And also consider that there is a yearly government "road tax" that would require to shell out an extra $2000 each year for driving this car.
  2. Can you please point us to the source of this claim?
  3. So are they taking 2016 orders now? According to this Dolen screenshot they began taking 2016 order on the 14th. Can someone confirm?
  4. Howdy, The Ford dealership down here in Costa Rica said they'll have a 2016 demo unit for display in about two or three weeks. Makes sense since initial order acceptance begins on the 14th. But I really doubt it's a 2016, I bet they'll bring a 2015.
  5. Natem91, did they had to run wiring to the hood of the car for the harness? Or was the wiring already there from the factory? It looks pretty good. You could maybe try to cover up the wiring harness cables with electric tape.
  6. Says to be an extra feature. Means that it will likely be part of a package or available only on higher trims
  7. Howdy, Look what I came about on a reddit - http://www.reddit.com/r/Ford/comments/34aq3i/picked_up_my_2015_edge_sport_over_the_weekend/ A Ford technician explains this could be a boost leak. Seems to be related to the total loose of turbo from this other thread. Apparently you nee to check the charge air cooler hose to be all the way in and securely clamped. http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/17892-2015-sport-complete-loss-of-boost/
  8. Did they installed the Ford hitch on your Sport? Please post pictures.
  9. More pics please, we cant see the hitch
  10. Down here the octane for Premium is 95+ and Regular ranges from a 91 octane min to a 95 octane max. Both are MMT Aditive free. That means that down here, Regular is the best fuel for an EB engine right? Over at http://www.ford.com/crossovers/edge/specifications/engine/ they mention 93 octane fuel but don't mention that 93 is the top limit one you should put in.
  11. Definitely the worst First Year Model problem so far: http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/17161-2015-edge-first-year-model-problems/ Please feel free to report this and other issues on TrueDelta http://www.truedelta.com/Ford-Edge/reliability-728
  12. I still can't find a good reason why there is no Tow Package for the Sport. It has more HP and Torque than the 2.0 EB.
  13. Does the part that latches on to the body is metal? I'm thinking it might damage the paint.
  14. Any ideas on how to test for this problem when picking up the car at the dealership? Like maybe throwing water at it with a hose or something? They all just want you to sign off on the delivery and hope that you don't return with problems, therefore I'd suggest testing this at the moment you go pick up the car at the dealership.
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