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  1. Ntrain2k

    3.5 V6 More Performance?

    Decent job, yea. Over a half of a second drop when I had my 11 edge from an intake I made, filter and throttle body.
  2. Ntrain2k

    Performance ideas?

    Ported upper and lower intake, 73MM Throttle body, True cold air, Tune and Exhaust. Did this on my 3.5 NA 16 explorer and shaved over 2 seconds off of my 0-60. More info in the description.
  3. Ntrain2k

    3.5 V6 More Performance?

    I beg to differ. Stock was nearly 9 seconds. A stock Explorer sport is 6.4 seconds.
  4. Ntrain2k

    3.5 to 3.7 swap 2013 edge

    PCM should handle the change fine, it's only 12ish more CI. It's been done in an Explorer with no problems. A good tune will really wake it up though.
  5. For those interested in getting a GOOD radar detector. I've been using the Uniden R3 for several months now. VERY impressed. I have caught police from 1/2 mile away or more! Filters most of the newer radar signals put out by cars for lane assistance, etc. Frequent updates available also. For areas where you get alerts from doors, etc you can mark them with mute memory so that you will not hear them any longer. Very solid unit and mounts up high with a mirror tap. They also have the new R7 who's benefit is showing if it is coming from front or rear. I HIGHLY recommend! Uniden R3: https://amzn.to/3czel2Y Uniden R7: https://amzn.to/31t5vNY Mirror tap I use: https://amzn.to/2O4hOwY Picture is how I have it mounted, tucked up nicely above the rear view mirror.
  6. Ntrain2k

    Air filter question

    That's nice. Welcome to my post from over 3 years ago...... Still using the same filter in my 2016 explorer. Still really happy with it. K, thx, bye.
  7. Ntrain2k

    Ford Edge 2014, losing power, hesitation, shaking

    There is a campain from Ford for a new throttle body that you need to talk to your dealer about.
  8. Ntrain2k

    Ford Edge 2014, losing power, hesitation, shaking

    Has the throttle body been changed under the ford campaign?
  9. Ntrain2k

    2010 Ford Edge Limited stiff pedal

    Need to check the brake booster and the vacuum line going to it.
  10. Ntrain2k

    Ford Edge 13 2.0eco engine compartment question

  11. Ntrain2k

    Steeda 22"wheels & tires

  12. Ntrain2k

    Remote Start Install ?

    try https://www.12volt.solutions/collections/ford/products/2015-2017-ford-edge-remote-start-plug-and-play-kit-1 I installed a remote start module from them in 5 min on my 16 explorer.
  13. I'd suspect bad coil(s) or plugs.
  14. Ntrain2k


    There are different kinds of "knock". Knock, as in mechanical knock from excessive engine clearances (PTW, crank and/or rod bearings). Preignition or detonation knock. Could be caused by low octane fuel, massive piston crown carbon build up, etc. Tappet noise from the valvetrain. Which is it?
  15. Ntrain2k

    Tail light swap?

    Pretty sure they are a direct bolt in.