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  1. If you have halogens, get used to it. The high beams are useless on that generation of the Edge. We had a '13 with halogens. One thing we did was to replace the bulbs with a +50% version from Vosla. No, it does not increase output a full 50%, but the increase is definitely noticeable. High beams were still terrible due to alignment, and there is no way to fix. These headlamps use 1 bulb only and have a shutter for high/low beams. You can hear it move when you turn high beams on or off. It is a terrible design.
  2. I assume you have halogen, and not the optional HID's. I just put some Vosla halogen bulbs in my son-in-law's 2016 Sport. Even though they are still halogens, dramatic difference. From the factory the halogens that put in are the "long life" type, so they actually put out less light so they can last longer. Terrible bulbs. The Vosla bulbs I bought are +100, which I know does not really mean a 100% increase, but the different is dramatic. Purchase from candlepowerstore web site. In our Edge as well as my Sport Trac I also have Vosla bulbs.
  3. Another idea is to stay with halogen bulbs, but upgrade. I am using a Vosla +50 halogen bulb and my wife and I are both pleased with the result. From what I have read about the HID conversion, you will probably have to lower your headlamp aim to reduce glare to oncoming traffic, so in my humble opinion that would almost defeat the purpose of the upgrade. With our Vosla bulbs we have not had a single person flick bright lights at us to indicate our bulbs were too bright. I got my bulbs from the candlepower store web site. They are not blue bulbs, but clear. The problem we have is the design of the projector, which is decent for straight-ahead light but terrible for side lighting.
  4. I would suggest going back halogen as well. I put some Vosla +50 bulbs in our recently. Very noticeable difference, even over the Vosla +30 we had in there for about 2 years. Bought mine from the candlepower store web site. But I will add, regardless of what you do, our headlamps suck! No side vision.
  5. Thanks Nick. That is my understanding of basic physics as well... HID kits might make my lights "brighter", but I am more concerned about dodging the deer that run out of the woods to my side as I drive at night. My neighbor hit a deer a couple of months ago just outside of our neighborhood. He, too, has projector headlamps and he did not see it run out until it was too late.. So far I HATE projectors! My Sport Trac has reflectors and the usable light is so much better! Projectors may be better for straight ahead vision, maybe, but....
  6. Honest question. How does changing to an HID bulb increase the side vision problem? Sincere question.
  7. First off, yes, these headlights suck! There is very little side vision, which is also a problem for us as we live in an area with deer everywhere.. It is my biggest gripe with the vehicle, by far. One thing I did was switch to a halogen bulb made by VOSLA. It is a +30 % and I would agree that it is at least that much of an increase. It is not one of the blue bulbs, as they are useless. The light output is a bit whiter than standard halogen, rated @ 3500k. So far my wife and I are both happier with these bulbs, but still, the side light output is terrible..
  8. Well, like many others, I have now been bitten by the failed brake booster. Edge is at dealer now for replacement, which of course they do not have the part and it is on order.. Fortunately mine qualifies for the campaign, but of course, there's more.. My HCU is dead as well. Over $1000 repair. Ford, why is this not covered as well??? No excuse in this. I have been a loyal Ford owner for over 30 years, but this is pushing me over the edge as to whether or not I will remain one. And why is this campaign not eligible for a rental car from Ford? This is a SAFETY issue! And the part is apparently hard to get. What happened to us is we were driving home last Friday and a car pulled out in front of me. I had to hit the brakes hard, which is when I assume the diaphragm ripped, and immediately afterwards I had no brake boost. To stop it I had to use manual shifting to gear down to help it stop as I drove to to my dealer. We like the truck as far as comfort, features, etcc., but...
  9. I have the same complaint on our '13 Edge. Hate the projectors! They are fine on the interstate, but they suck on back-roads. I did 2 things to help mine. One is, the headlamps were actually aimed a little low, so I raised them a bit using my garage door as a backdrop and taking measurements to make sure I did not go too high. The second thing I did was a bulb upgrade. I put some bulbs made by Vosla, the +30 bulbs, and they have made a usable difference in vision. Still no real side vision, and the scenario that lm700 describes is still a bit of an issue, but it is better than it was. I wish that someone made a light that could replace those stupid "bling" lights that are in the bumper with an actual usable light for night use. I couldn't care less about DRL's, but I wish someone made a light for the bumper that actually worked.. Maybe Ford has realized the complaints are real, because the new 2019 Edge has LED headlamps and fog lights...but it does not help us current owners at all.
  10. Any idea on how to improve sound quality from the factory Sirius radio? This is a 2013 SEL with MFT. I have upgraded speakers to INfinity's. Radio sounds really good, cd's sound really good, playing from a USB sounds really good, but the Sirus sound quality sucks most of the time, but at times it only sounds bad.. Very tinny sounding basically. My XM radios in our 2 Explorers sound great (they are plug directly into head unit radios). Is there that large of a difference in XM compared to Sirus?
  11. Migel, my only suggestion is to avoid the blue tinted bulbs. I used to use them, but honestly they produce less usable light, not more. In our 2004 Explorer we have the Phillips X-treme bulbs for our son and he really likes them. What we found with the blue tinted bulbs is that driving at night, especially in rain/fog/snow, was terrible. The blue light gets lost basically. In our 2013 Edge we are running Vosla +30 bulbs, but they are HIR halogen bulbs. Honestly just moving to a standard bulb vs. the factory "Long Life" bulbs will make a significant different in usable light. Long life bulbs are useless because the only way to gain bulb life is to decrease output.
  12. Candurin, thanks for the clarification on the DTBL lights. If I were to replace the useless bling lights I would want something that can add some side illumination. That is my biggest gripe with the projector headlights that we have. Front vision is pretty good, especially with the Vosla +30 bulbs we put in, but side vision is terrible.. Just this evening I was driving home form the office. It was around 7:00 and definitely dark. As I am driving up an unlit parkway all of sudden I see red reflectors in front of me. You guessed it, a Nissan Rogue driving using those stupid DRL light pipes and NO other lights turned on.. I thought the Rogue, especially the ones with the light pipes, had Autolamp. If so, then they purposely had no lights on, even worse.. The irony is the as I passed her I could see that the driver appeared to be leaning a bit forward in the seat, as if straining to see the road. DUH!!
  13. Candurin, you are saying that the lights offered by DTBL actually do have usable light at night? I have seen his kits, but I have no interest in DRL's, I only want to have more usable light at night, which is when it is needed. I also see his newest kits have a signal repeater, which I also do not have any interest in. And to ONEDGE16, I have seen an occasional European car here in Middle TN that has the rear fog light. My impression is it looks like a brake light is stuck on so it gives a perception that the car is slowing down. The biggest light in bad weather issue I continuously see is the simple fact that some folks absolutely refuse to turn on their headlamps/tail lamps in bad weather. If I ever get to pass them I will see about 90% of the time that they have DRL's on, but that does no good for people approaching you from the rear. I also notice it is generally Nissan and Honda drivers around here that can't seem to find the headlamp switch.. just an observation. Instead of DRL's, the motoring public would be better served if all cars had auto headlamps tied into the windshield wipers. Our Fords do, and it is a great feature. It does not solve the lights not on in fog issue, but at least in rain and at night the headlamps and tail lamps will be on for all to see. Rant over..
  14. Scott, no one actually answered your question. The lights you see on your bumper are DRL's basically, but they are wired directly into your electrical system and there is no switch for them. As to the fog lights discussion, I really like having them on my Sport Trac as well as my older Explorer. On a rainy night they are very helpful in aiding the ability to see the often faded lane markings, especially on unlit back roads and highways. I also agree with others comments that swapping out the fog lamp bulbs for a "bluer" look is pointless, and in some cases dangerous to other drivers. As to DRL's they are pointless. In Minnesota a very comprehensive study was done on the use of DRL's and it found the benefit was negligible. A lot of insurance companies, including mine, do not even give a discount for them anymore. I wish our 2013 Edge had fog lights instead of the absolutely useless "bling" lights in the lower bumper. Those lights put out "0" useful light and they are a very high color temp so they almost impossible to match with headlamp bulbs. For anyone interested, here is the Minnesota study: https://www.dot.state.mn.us/research/TRS/2011/TRS1009.pdf
  15. I am using Bosch Clear Advantage blades. Bought from Rockauto. For windshield treatment I am using a product called Aquapel. Much better than Rain-X. Aquapel bonds ot teh windshield and seems to last longer. It has been a year some I treated all 3 of our vehicles and the water still beds up and rolls off. Almost never have to run wipers at high speed and rarely at regular speed. Usually a delayed wipe is plenty. Aquapel was purchased on Amazon.