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  1. AntDeek

    12v plugs

    Gen 1.5 does not have timeout programmable by forscan. We have permanent 12v. I wired a toggle switch into mine for shits and giggles
  2. Still waiting on the paint shop to call me saying my Tuxedo Black Metallic grille inserts are painted and ready!
  3. Onyx, my dads 2018 explorer doesn’t even have a CD player!! also, I have seen this cluster in person guys. It’s fu**ing amazing! Do it!!
  4. Nice meeting you today, Onyxbfly! Always fun to meet someone on the forums!
  5. the wipe is ever so slightly larger, not too much of a difference. Definitely quieter and smoother wipe. I found a 16 is too large and doesn’t clear the “spoiler” on the hatch
  6. btw, they’re shockingly only $14.99
  7. that’s correct, I already tossed the box from my oversized 15. I just wanted to show off the retail packaging so you guys can find them. I really like how quiet they are for some reason. the one on my car in that photo is a 15.
  8. Welcome, I’ll post a link once we actually start selling them to the public
  9. here they are! two new photos https://imgur.com/a/LjJGJmq
  10. These new ones are cool because every box contains multiple clips for different vehicles so these are truly universal.
  11. I cannot find them online yet. I work at an auto parts chain store and we got them early I guess. They’re really nice, let me take a photo. It’s a new trico premium style rear blade a lot quieter of a wipe than the OEM one! here is an album, two photos. Sorry it’s shit quality, it’s night time here. https://imgur.com/a/77VV8ix
  12. Installed an oversized 15” beam blade on the rear. Very nice upgrade from the stock conventional frame wiper.
  13. Hey guys and MACT, I love your videos and all the help you post here but I wish you would allow comments, there are several inaccuracies in the recent oil series. for a start, ZDDP doesn’t come up as zinc on an OA. So the 8ppm is misleading... ZDDP is measured by the phosphorous count thoughts? 100% respect to you Mac, just pointing stuff out.
  14. AntDeek

    My f*cking car flooded last night guys

    An update guys: car has been completely dry for weeks, no blown fuses, oil and transmission fluid were changed. It’s FWD so no drivetrain fluids. Covered the entire underbody with undercoating (a good idea anyway) zero codes, no smell, dry as a bone. She lives to see another few years. thanks for the kind words, it’s no longer an issue for me.