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  1. Today @onyxbfly came over and we changed his oil in his 2.7 boost. my personal edge just went in last week for the brake booster recall, all fixed now
  2. AntDeek

    anyone here have a 2020 4cyl?

    The 3.7/3.5 can pull just as hard off the line as the 2.0T. Just requires more revs. I prefer the V6 power. Wish the 3.5 N/A was still available.
  3. About time, I’m on my second door latch. https://m.imgur.com/a/D8vXYuM
  4. 303 is fu*cking awesome. 6 quarts of Pennzoil Platinum High Mileage and an FL-500s forgot to mention I also painted my grille black using OEM ford parts
  5. Does not work on a 2013 Edge. Also no DPM OR PCM module, never seen those.
  6. AntDeek

    Ford Discontinues SmartLink

    Nah but I have remote start thanks to Forscan so I’m not too interested. Verizon hum gives me location services and fuel tank level which is cool enough for me.
  7. Since we're talking tires, Having a lot of satisfaction with Bridgestone Dualer Allenza H/L Plus.
  8. AntDeek

    Ford Discontinues SmartLink

    Unreal. Announced for 2018 and discontinued in 2019. Good thing I got the Verizon Hum instead.
  9. AntDeek

    12v plugs

    Gen 1.5 does not have timeout programmable by forscan. We have permanent 12v. I wired a toggle switch into mine for shits and giggles
  10. Still waiting on the paint shop to call me saying my Tuxedo Black Metallic grille inserts are painted and ready!
  11. Onyx, my dads 2018 explorer doesn’t even have a CD player!! also, I have seen this cluster in person guys. It’s fu**ing amazing! Do it!!
  12. Nice meeting you today, Onyxbfly! Always fun to meet someone on the forums!
  13. the wipe is ever so slightly larger, not too much of a difference. Definitely quieter and smoother wipe. I found a 16 is too large and doesn’t clear the “spoiler” on the hatch
  14. btw, they’re shockingly only $14.99