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  1. mindawyn

    Chrome clad wheels

    I had a set of spare wheels that I had a wheel repair center remove and then powder coated a BMW charcoal color on my 14 edge before it was totaled. I have a complete set of 20" chrome clad sitting in my garage. Memory serves, they are pretty clean. I have been thinking of digging them out and taking pictures to sell.
  2. mindawyn

    Vanity plate ideas...

    RAGGED = Ragged Edge JAGGED = Jagged Edge ON-THE = On the Edge RAZERS = Razers Edge OVERTHE = Over the edge
  3. mindawyn


    Well, not an Edge per-say....The wife insisted on an MKX.
  4. mindawyn


    Other vehicle driver came around the exit ramp to fast and in my lane as I was taking the entrance ramp. If I had not swerved, it would have been a head on collision instead of the side impact.
  5. mindawyn


    Thanks. No injuries, but sad to see her go.
  6. mindawyn


    Here lies my beloved Edge Limited. She served well and had a great life. June 11, 2014 - November 19, 2019
  7. mindawyn


    Very nice.
  8. mindawyn

    2014 Limited AWD

  9. mindawyn

    Premature tire wear in Ford Edge

    In my 2014 Limited AWD, I changed all 4 out after picking up a screw on the corner of the sidewall and was not repairable. 42,000 miles on the factory 20" Pirelli Scorpions. I replaced them with another set of Pirelli Scorpions. If it wasn't for that damn screw, I wouldn't have changed them. They were wearing beautifully. Nice even wear across the tread 5/32 Rear 6/32 Front after last tire rotation.
  10. mindawyn

    Ford Edge Titanium

    Welcome and congrats on the new ride.
  11. mindawyn

    hello...first time ford owner! 2016

    Welcome and congrats on the new ride.
  12. mindawyn

    New Edge Owner from Tampa

    Welcome and grats on the new ride.
  13. mindawyn

    new to the forum

    I know what you mean. I ordered mine in March of 14 and didn't get it until August of 14. Hang in there. It is worth the wait.
  14. mindawyn


    It is flying on the back window of my Edge.
  15. mindawyn

    I'm new from Texas

    Well, I am originally from Montana. As far as I can remember, it was and has been a custom of waving at every on coming vehicle. With more and more technology, more and more people are looking down rather than ahead.