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  1. I used clear silicone caulk to secure the front edge of my weather stripping.
  2. lucaspj35

    Roof Rack molding missing

    Thank you for your reply! I wasn't notified there was one!
  3. lucaspj35

    Roof Rack molding missing

    I think I found a part number of 55182, but it's discontinued. Anyone have any rails laying around that they wouldn't mind giving me one of their bolt covers? If not, guess, I'll start hitting up junkyards!
  4. Hello all. I was lucky to get a set of roof racks from this forum a while back, but today I noticed that one of the molding pieces is missing, (sorry to whoever was behind me when it flew off!). Does anyone know of a part number? I'm having a hard time finding it. Thanks!
  5. Worked like a champ. Ordered two replacement FOBs from Amazon. Then I took them to Batteries + bulbs to have the keys cut for $10/each. Brought them home and used Forscan to program the keys. Then followed the instructions here to program the FOB buttons to work! Easy-Peasey!
  6. That's what I was thinking. Thank you! I just ordered one, and I'll try it out!
  7. Recently, the unlock button on my 2014 Edge SEL key FOB stopped working. It's quite obviously just the button is broken, all the other buttons work. My edge does not have remote start, so it's the 4 button FOB with lock, unlock, panic, and power liftgate buttons. I have read about ordering a replacement online, and the need for having two keys to program the replacement. The part I'm confused on, does that mean I need two working key FOBs to program a replacement? I bought my edge used, and it came with one key FOB, and one manual key. Is that enough to program a replacement? I assume so, because I believe that even the manual key would need to have a chip in order to start the car, or am I misunderstanding this? So if this is doable, I would order the replacement FOB off of amazon, get a locksmith to cut the new key, and follow the instructions to program the replacement key? Thanks for the help!
  8. Perfect, thanks for the info. I'll give it a shot.
  9. What year is your edge? Do you remember what setting you changed in forscan? I believe I changed the right one, but it still stays hot.
  10. lucaspj35

    OEM Roof Rack install ?

    I found someone in another thread to trade the rails for my inserts. Installed them today, and they look great! Now I just have to figure out which crossbars to buy that will have the chance necessary for my BAMR... So many options!
  11. lucaspj35

    2010 roof racks fit 2014 edge?

    I also would like to give a huge shout out the highrule, as the trade went flawlessly! Now u just need to figure out which crossbars to buy that will work with my BAMR and don't cost $200!
  12. lucaspj35

    Roof Rack Trade for Strips

    interested. available?
  13. lucaspj35

    2010 roof racks fit 2014 edge?

    I am very interested in this killer trade. Now the trust game begins... Who ships first? ?
  14. lucaspj35

    FSA: 12M02 questions

    I recently purchased a 2014 Ford edge sel. I keep seeing reminders for the extended warranty for the Field Service Action Number: 12M02, where they will update versions. I am not having any issues, but was wondering if it was worth it to try and take it to the dealership to try and get the my Ford touch updated to the latest version. Anyone have any experiences?