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    Oil consumption - 2016 Sport

    Yeah, I was also thinking it was pointing to something wrong! I don't drive aggressively at all, it's just that even brand new, or after the 6 000 miles break-in period, the car was still totally sluggish and slow. Worse acceleration than a 1.5L Ecoboost Escape. It is guzzling way more gas more than a heavy drinker having free beer (barely 300 highway miles on a full tank of gas). I brought it to 2 different dealers, and they told me that nothing was wrong with it. So I was hoping to even be quicker than a 1.5L Escape, which I am when tuned, but BARELY!
  2. ellygirl084

    Oil consumption - 2016 Sport

    Hi guys, Having a tough one here! My 16' Sport has been running with a Livernois tune for almost 3 years (mostly on 91 octane tow or performance tune). For the last year, I have also installed a JLT Catch Can (oil separator). It has ALWAYS underperformed, even before tuning when it was still brand new. I have never runned 0-60 below 6 seconds flat even with heavy left foot braking for boost buildup. It has also always smoked quite heavily, especially during winter time or below freezing temperature. It is mostly white smoke while weather is cold. What is bothering me even more is the actual amount of oil being catched in my oil separator. It was completely filled after 2000 miles of softly driven highway. I had to empty it at least 4 times between 2 oil changes. I told the dealer about white smoke (with pictures) and on my oil change, they saw the oil consumption because the level showing on the dipstick was quite low. They made basic checkups, and they filled it, sent me on the road for 1600, and made me come back to have a look. They told me I was inside boundaries fixed by Ford... But I know something is not right with my engine... White smoke (sometimes black), lots of oil being trapped in my catch can, low fuel milleage (especially for the last 20 000 miles). I don't know how if there's anything I can do to have it looked at thoroughly. Suggestion? Normal behaviour (which I guess it isn't)?
  3. ellygirl084

    Vent-To-Air (VTA) with original BPV

    Have you took a single port (only VTA), or a dual port (50/50 VTA and recirc) BOV?
  4. Hi guys, I really want the sound so proper to turbo cars. I've seen a couple of post or video on F150 and Explorer Sport (3.5EB) that guys were just disconnecting and pluging 2 hoses, completely removing 2 others, and everything was done with the original BPV. Can this be done on my 2016 Edge Sport to have that same kind of result? If yes, I want to know where are the hose to plug and if (any) are to be removed like on the Explorer Sport (3.5EB). Also, would there be any significant advantage to completely replace a "stock" Vented-To-Air BPV system with a gfood dual port BOV, like GBC or Turbosmart? Thank you so much guys!
  5. ellygirl084

    Awesome gas milleage

    About 26 MPG or about 9L per 100 km. Never done better than 22-23 MPG on highway, or 10L per 100km.
  6. ellygirl084

    Awesome gas milleage

    I would have to guess between 330 and 350! It's just that my MPG never been this good... a couple of months ago, I could barely drive 360 miles on a full tank, full to dead empty. I'm just surprised that 2.7EB is getting less and less thirsty!
  7. ellygirl084

    Awesome gas milleage

    Hi guys, Did a 6 hours drive this weekend in extreme heat with AC running almost maxed out, cruising between 110 and 120 kph (67 to 73 mph). Started with a bit more than 3/4 full tank. Arrived at destination, empty light still not on, fueled up, and had this pleasant surprise. My '16 Edge Sport tuned by LMS (91 Perf v3) is guzzling less and less gas every trip I do. Take a look at the pictures... is it just mine that is doing good MPG, or it's the case for everyone as the vehicule is getting more milleage?
  8. Hi guys, My first post in here! First, about me!! Eliane, female, 33 yo, I live in Canada (Montreal). Since August of 2016, I'm a VERY proud owner of a 2016 Ruby Red Edge Sport , with ALL the packages (heated and cooled front seats, all driver assists, panoramic roof, nav, etc.). In October 2016, I tuned it with Livernois Motorsports & Engineering software. Not the same car after that!! That thing was suddenly alive in Sport Mode. It's a definite beast! But I cannot get it to break that 6.0 seconds 0-60 MPH barrier! It's probably on me though (not enough gas while brakes are applied before rolling) I'm on the way to have my exhaust replaced by a custom made one in a local shop here in Montreal. I'll keep you posted when it's done!