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    Thanks! Wheels are Touren TR-60s with Lexani LX-20 tires. I went with 20" wheels with the stock size tires. You are correct with the springs. I would definitely purchase from H&R again. If I were to do it over again, I would have gotten 275s for the tires with a thinner sidewall. I'm a huge fan of the way the Porsche Cayennes sit with the wider tires.
  2. My bad my bad. It's just every time I log into this forum I learn about new websites and modifications and it's all so exciting! But back to brakes. I like the price of the package, but how much of an improvement are these over OEM?
  3. the_edge_lord

    2016 edge mountain driving power

    Although I own a sport, both my grandparents and parents own Titaniums, of which they have driven all over the states, including the Rockies. The edge kills it in the snow and rain, especially with winter tires on. You'll be able to accomplish this even while towing. It really is a magnificent vehicle. Additionally, if you're worried about power, tune your edge to unleash more HP and torque
  4. Off topic, but I was rummaging around the rock auto website and saw I could order the HID lights from the Titanium trim. I would imagine these could be a direct swap on the sport, but I am looking for a second opinion. Thoughts?
  5. the_edge_lord

    Resonator Removal (2016 Edge Sport)

    Hey, the video sounds fantastic. Did you end up pairing this with an aftermarket exhaust? I'm interested in the resonator delete, but I don't want the car to end up sounding like shit...especially if I pair it with the MRT exhaust, or something similar.
  6. the_edge_lord

    About tpms...

    I'm not entirely sure. HOWEVER, when I put on new wheels, I ordered a set of these bad boys http://a.co/d/1fUsFNT the Motorcraft TPMS35 sensors. They worked like a charm. No issues. All you do is install them and start driving. They communicate with the car and voila, everything works.
  7. the_edge_lord

    Replacement tires for 2016 Sport with 20" rims

    I sport the Lexani LX Twenty tires. They are unidirectional performance tires, but they're quiet, have insanely good grip, and budget friendly. I live in Wisconsin and we have seen a bunch of rain this year. I was worried at first, but these tires proved to be some of the best I've driven on. They're fantastic.
  8. the_edge_lord

    Race Steering Wheel

    You're absolutely right that it is a custom wheel. I think I probably should have said "sporty" rather than "race". But I would imagine that the custom grips, lighter wheel body (from the use of carbon fiber), and the overall looks make it more of a race worthy steering wheel. They still adhere to all of the necessary safety standards, so I guess its not a true racing wheel.
  9. I found a guy who builds awesome race steering wheels for a variety of vehicles, including the Focus RS/ST. I reached out to him about a race wheel for the Edge Sport. He mentioned that they would definitely be able to do that. If interested, reach out to him, Greg Bauchat at socalgarageworks@gmail.com This is the Focus steering wheel: https://scgarageworks.com/product/2010-2016-ford-focusfocus-st-custom-steering-wheel/
  10. Can we still purchase sway bars? Or has that ship sailed?
  11. Now this is a fantastic topic (and responses). Thanks guys!
  12. the_edge_lord

    20180603 105239

    Did you get those wrapped? Or did you take them off and paint them?
  13. the_edge_lord

    My Edge

    Few recent pictures of my edge for your perusal.
  14. Thanks for sending these. They look pretty similar to the ones on the Vignale Edge. I'll reach out and see if they fit on the US models.
  15. Owner of a 16 Sport, and looking for aftermarket headlights. I am wondering if any of you guys are aware or have experience with any aftermarket headlights for this generation of sport. I have seen a handful of headlights for the pre 2015 models, and only one pair (on ebay) for my model and they were priced at $1400.