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  1. Snox801

    tuning at a certain mileage

    Yep no issue with tstat. I did mine before the tune. Did that plugs and filter before I dropped it off for dyno. I’m 3 hrs from them.
  2. Snox801

    tuning at a certain mileage

    If you are already using top tier oil then you will be fine. I run an soil and after talking to the tech they still recommend 15,000 oil change as that is the shortest interval. So with that in mind I follow normal oil change and fluid service schedule. I do drive mine like a a hole most of the time. I have 3 lms tunes cars and my highest mileage tuned is just rolling 200,000 of lms tuned miles. It’s my work truck so I pull a lot of trailers also. Change oil when it says to on the dash and follow normal change for everything else and it’s been great. Have 48,000 miles most have been e30 tune on my edge and same deal need to get the trains fluid changed soon.
  3. Snox801

    clicking, tapping noise

    That is normal for the 2.0 I’ve had a few my 17 does it also. It’s the hpfp that seems to make that noise. Absolutely nothing to do with the turbo. It’s fuel system related. No worries. Glad to see they removed the cover. I run mine in the winter to help hold heat then remover it in the summer to reduce heat.
  4. Snox801

    Recovery hooks

    Alright guys anyone know if the 16 plus edge has the recovery hooks behind the front or rear bumpers? The 16 RS has a plate to remove for the front but the rear has the threads under the rear bumper so you have to drill it out to work. Do we have that option or any aftermarket options? To cold and snowy here to look right now.
  5. Snox801

    Factory boost psi?

    Why go through all the hassle of trying to deal with tuners that don’t want to support it? I understand if Livernois treated you bad in the past but the tune is rock solid on my 2.0 you can actually achieve max boost from your turbo without updating any of that stuff so it’s a waste of money unless doing it for sound and if that’s the case that’s all the reason you need. I was able to max out timing and boost with e30 all stock. Now that being said I’m sure the part holding it back now is the downpipe. Most only offer it for the fwd edge and fusion. Zzp now offers for the awd fusion 2.0 but can not confirm if it will fit our edge. I’d love to get one and head back for a update.
  6. Snox801

    Which Tuner do you prefer.....

    I would have to say I’m also in the lms group. All 3 of my eco’s are down by them. My 3.5 has been running full bolt one with meth since day one. It’s at 200,000 now of very hard miles. Lots of drag strips. Street fun and towing. It’s been very solid. My edge 2.0 now has 50,000 miles o. It and I’ve been on the e30 tune for about 40,000 now. No issues at all. Even ran it for several with the cruise set at 120 while in Mexico. It’s been rock solid and easy to use my wife blend her e30 and has no issues. My Rs has very few miles but I average 6.8 mpg over the 6,000 miles it has in the tune so it’s driven hard and held up to that. Not enough miles to know long term on that one. Very simple to use and very reliable.
  7. Snox801

    Changing Oil Brands

    Mobil one is a good oil and easy to get. Not a bad choice.
  8. Snox801

    Changing Oil Brands

    Nope all with over 180,000 a piece. My truck is the only one running high hp with meth injection. One with a tune. My 2.0 Edge is currently at 38,000 and I bought it for christmas last year. My dads 3.5 has 196,000 using amsoil 15,000 mike changes. Its his work truck and he beats that thing. My moms escape has 18$,000 something miles running amsoil and changing at oil alert system. That the good thing about how much my family drives we always get to see how long this last. Being in Michigan they all tend to rot out before the drivetrain fails. My 15 is aluminum so its seem to have no corrosion so far so it will make it to 250,000 looking good
  9. Snox801

    Changing Oil Brands

    Yep I change all mine from factory fill to amsoil and filter at the first 1,000 miles. Then I just change when the computer tells me to. Have had 5 ecoboosts with over 180,000 on them without issue. Even the ones I run e85 and meth injection on have not had an issue for the long haul. Fact is Im always excited that I have not had an oil consumption in cars to date.
  10. Snox801

    2.7 EB HPFP

    I do think that because these are costing so much more that you wont see any big push for mods until a few years from now when warrenties start to expire. Seems the focus RS had the same thing no big push until they went out of warrenty.
  11. Snox801

    2.7 EB HPFP

    He is wrong. It will not support full e85. The hpfp is the same on the truck as the edge and it is not capable of full e85. I know a few that got to e30. The tank pump should be fine as all other ecoboost ones are. Usually its a combo of new hpfp and injectors needed. Easier and cheaper to go port injection though. So hes either wrong which would be weird because the internet is never wrong or lots of other tuners ya e missed it. I lean towards hes wrong.
  12. Snox801

    2.7 EB HPFP

    Correct e is a cheap way to max out you timing and boost.my bad I assumed you had stock turbos. I can tell you from a friend who went big turbo on his 3.5 even the hpfp has to be custom made on top of Livernois extreme to keep up. Im shocked more people dont do secondary fueling like the rails for the RS and st. Even the ones that have two nozzles In the spacer. But thats very similar setup to meth.
  13. Snox801

    Hypertech canned tune/ fuse locations

    Yep livernois is the way to go. They have done all my ecoboosts and all are high mileage except RS. Very easy to use much more to gain and are very very safe. Ive been tuned by them on my truck for 170,000 miles and its not been easy miles no issues. My edge is still under warranty at 36,000 and it was tune at 3,400. Its been running on e30 for the last 30,000.