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  1. papinist

    Airbag removal

    After I bought this car I visited an official ford dealer, and the guy printed its maintenace history. There was a recall for an ECU update and nothing else. Also, he told me that there was a pending recall for the trunk (sometimes it opens randomly 😮 ) but that if I haven't had problems, they won't replace it .. So it's really hard to guess where to make those slits without a guide.. I don't want to make a mess BTW, where could I look for recalls for my specified car? I remember that they should also be on owners.ford.com but I have nothing there.
  2. papinist

    Airbag removal

    Thank you both for the replies! I lnow that there is the adaptive steering stuff so I imagined that it could be the reason of the different removal method. However the switch assembly I need to replace is the one on the steering wheel, not the one behind it: so I need to remove the airbag to access the inside of the wheel. @omar302 do you have the service procedure pdf for removing the airbag? I don't have slits but don't think they did any recall on this car (I got that used). Maybe the '17 was already fixed during production. Thanks! EDIT: just found a youtube video about adaptive steering, showing the inside of the wheel: It seems that the lower 'hook' is missing (due to the a.s. motor) ant that there are two hooks on each side. You probably need to make the slits only there. A better look here, from a '17 f250 the two big 'holes' on the side seems the place to insert something from the back and push the metal clips.
  3. papinist

    Airbag removal

    Thank you for your reply. I already removed the steering column bottom cover, but can't see how to go on now. Better if I post some pictures: This is the wheel type I'm referring to: I found a youtube video explaining how to remove the Fusion steering wheel, that is identical (but without the plastic 'square' at the bottom of the wheel) It refers to this hole that should be found on the bottom: unfortunately my wheel is different there: That black plastic seems to not be a cover but the actual wheel, i.e. not removable. So I removed the steering column cover It seems that european Edge have only one screw there.. but even without the cover, I can't see anything useful: a small screw is vibile here, but not reachable another couple of screws, but not useful (I found another video that has the steering wheel already out, with these screws still installed) It sounds a bit strange that there are no threads\infos about removing the steering wheel... 😯
  4. Hi, I need to remove the airbag from my '17 Edge Sport to replace the left switch assembly. All guides I found on the net (mostly for fusion, but the wheel seems identical) are referring to a hole on the bottom part of the wheel, where you have to push a screwdriver to have the bag cover popping off. Unfortunately my Edge does not have any hole for this, and I had no luck searching the forum. Is there some secret spot to unlock the airbag?
  5. I'm waiting for the switch assembly to arrive from the US (almost impossible to find these parts here) so still on hold
  6. Ok understood But hopefully the changes in BPM and IPC modules listed by OP are the same I need to make to have it functional.
  7. What do you mean? I already have an european VIN since my car is the Euro model. I vas referring to the as-built generated from my VIN for my car. About an european RTM, I'm not entirely sure that remote start is available somewhere in europe. I remember some time ago when I did some research about remote start, I found people trying to enable it on mondeo\fusion and they were searching for remotes with remote start button and 433 mhz frequencies. And I'm sure enough that EU models use 433 mhz for both remote and tpms data. But if it works like colinc755 said, the main frequency is insignificant: US or EU, with remote start you switch to an entirely dofferent frequency. Do you have a ford part number for that RTM? The link you posted requires to choose an US dealer, that is a bit impractical for me from Italy
  8. Do you think this could work on an european Edge? I believe here the remote works on a different frequency (433 mhz) but after being replaced, it should not be a problem. Checking my as-built, I have the "01FF 80DA" value.
  9. You are the man, Andy! Thank you so much.. I'll try and report back
  10. Yes thank you, details would be great!
  11. Thank you for the update. So replacing the steering wheel buttons solved all your issues? Do you confirm the part number I found? Are all the mod needed in forscan only in the CCM module?
  12. Hey Andy, I'm trying to enable ACC too. I have an European model (italian, exactly) after my research you are right: we should have all the hardware and modules for the ACC to work. Some time ago I was searching about american model, and wherever one car has Forward collision alert and emergency brake, it has adaptice cruise control too. So it is very likely that the hardware is the same. European models - at least the one sold in Italy, are almost full optional as the base model, with a few option to add, and ACC alone is option. I'm following an italian forum where a guy told me to check with forscan if I have CCM, if it is present it could be possible to activate ACC, and you are the proof that the system could work. When I have some more info, I'll post here to get you updated. About buttons, I got some info from Forscan forum, they should be code DG9Z-9C888-GC , this: https://www.tascaparts.com/oem-parts/ford-switch-asy-control-dg9z9c888gc
  13. Mirror probably goes off instantly or after a few minutes after stopping the engine.
  14. The info I was searching, with a simple and direct explanation. Thank you @Gadgetjq !
  15. papinist

    2017 Edge Hardwire for Dash Cam

    Thank you! However the amazon page shows three different images - are the one in the picture you posted the right size? I'm still waiting to get the car so I can't check. Thank you, the dashcam I'm looking at already have the hardwire kit included, but not the fuse tap, so I'm searching for it separately.